Valerie Sheepspeak


My name is “Valerie” and I live in Shakespeare country in the UK with my husband.

When I retired, I wanted to do something totally new which would keep the brain cells ticking over and so I embarked on, amongst other things, a children’s book. I don’t find writing this type of rhyme too difficult but I thought I would try to teach myself how to do digital drawings so that I could provide some illustrations.

This has taught me several things. First it has given me a much greater appreciation of those who work in digital media. What looks so simple and clever, has probably taken hours of toil. Secondly, I now know that there are very kind people out on the web who share their skills for free, so many thanks to them. Finally, you are never too old to give new things a go but you should never take yourself too seriously!

“Deefer Dog” has generated a great deal of mirth along the way, as well as a bit of cursing, but it is meant to be a fun book for children, to be shared with an adult. It is also meant as an amateur tribute to the wonderful stories for young children that were published round about the 1940s in the UK which we ourselves loved and which our own children, now grown up, never tired of reading with us.

And finally, to anyone who might happen upon this page, are there any more verses on the way?

Baaaaaaaa …….. possibly.

Valerie Sheepspeak OAP and Baa


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