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The question of "tell us about yourself" always frightens me. Not because I don't know myself but because I never know what people want to hear. Do they want the long version or the short? So I'll tell it like this. I'm a Canadian country girl. I'm the youngest of four children. I love and am proud of my roots. I was born in the 80s, so I'll let you guesstimate my age. 😊 When I was in grade 3, my public school had Robert Munsch as a guest speaker and that was when the writing bug started to form for me. In grade 9, my English teacher asked us all to write a short story and if any of you have read any one of my books, you can tell how difficult that was for me. In 2001, I met and fell in love with my then boyfriend, now husband. Since I am mature for my age, it's no surprise that he is five years older than me. We met through my sister. He was a friend of hers, so when she married, he was the best man and I am, being her only sister, was the maid of honour. Sweet right? 😍 Between then and now I had various jobs. I've been a cashier at a drugstore, a cashier at a retail store & I work with my parents in the family business. I have worked in three different automotive factories all before finally going to college. In 2005, we married and my husband and I had our first son. We didn't know at the time that he was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He is such an amazing child. Just his smiles meltaway all the stress and hurt from the day. In 2008, we had our daughter. She is a joy to have. She has always been a determined girl and when it comes to her big brother, there isn't anything she wouldn't do for him. In 2009, I graduated with a diploma and a Dean's list certificate. I have always had a passion for science and medicine so that's what I went after. In 2012, we had our third and final child, another boy. Just as his older siblings, there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't make us smile or laugh out loud. He is definitely the jokester in the family. I am a very involved mom. I love my kids and I want to raise them to be adults that are caring, compassionate and understanding. I want them to know what hard work feels like and appreciate the work that they do. I don't want my kids to grow up, having everything given to them on a golden platter. I'm a rules kind of mom. I'm their mom first, their friend second. As for my books, I've had comments like, "oh you are just writing about your relationship" or "I don't want to read about your sex life" or "you write dirty books." I write about love. I write about the struggles two people go through to get to their happily ever after. Why can't there be happiness? Why can't there be love? Or steamy sex scenes? I write about these things because these are healthy, normal things. This is the 21st-century, we have to stop looking at making love with our partners as foreign, dirty laundry. But no, I do not write about my sex life. I know some of my books might be hard for some people to read and just know, it was equally hard for me to write but I felt at the time, that that character needed something horrible and or a tragic to happen to make the story. Last but not least, as I said, I'm Canadian and unfortunately I haven't done any real traveling outside of my Province. All the places I write about, are places I one day want to go there. These places, States or Countries, fascinate me and I don't mean any disrespect to these places. If there is something you would like to know more of, about myself, please feel free to email me. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my books! 😊
-L.L. Shelby

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The joy I get from writing is unexplainable. While I'm writing, I'm crying, I'm laughing, I get mad, I get excited for my characters and the highs and lows of their journey. I put in all of my emotion into each scene of my book, in hopes that my readers will cry, laugh, get mad and get excited for my characters as well.
What do your fans mean to you?
Fans are everything. They hold the success of anyone trying to be a somebody. I love my fans and I greatly appreciate all their feedback. It definitely helps make me grow as a writer.
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There's Something About Kansas
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 25,140. Language: Canadian English. Published: April 6, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western
As a well developed baker in New Jersey, Samantha Weston is torn between staying in her current life with a fiancée, a bakery, all in New Jersey. Or, saying goodbye to everything and starting over in Kansas. Can love really over rule all?
Love, Fear & Football
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 60,250. Language: Canadian English. Published: August 31, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic, Fiction » Fantasy » General
Lily and Peter are reunited when Peter is looking for a new agent. Lily is determined to keep him away from her because he was the ring leader of her hurt ten years prior. When Peter breaks through her barriers, Lily finds herself falling for the LA Rams quarterback. Can they over come their differences and come together in love? How many second chances is Lily willing to give Peter?
The Washington Princess
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 47,120. Language: Canadian English. Published: April 23, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
Aiden is secretly living as a coast guard, living a much more adventurous life than that of a Prince. When His best friends sister Miranda, walks into his life, he is changing all his rules. Miranda is a freed victim of abuse. Or so she thought. When Miranda needs help again, will she let Aiden help her? Can Aiden and Miranda pass the obstacles that they both face together?
Texas Troubles
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 55,650. Language: Canadian English. Published: December 4, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Adult
Chelsea Garrett is the assistant to the CEO and President of the largest oil company in Houston Texas. When she received a call from her mother, that her father suffered a heart attack, can she go back to her roots, in Dallas? Benjamin McCabe changed his life around for the better, but is it good enough to prove to the only woman who's ever stolen his heart, that he's finally good enough for her?
Colorado Nights
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 56,430. Language: Canadian English. Published: September 25, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller
Detective Randi DaLuca pushes herself to be a better person, than the only relative she has left. FBI agent Sean Thompson has given up on love and has focused the last three years of his life in his undercover work. Can Sean keep his promise to protect Randi from their enemies? Drugs, money and love are a dangerous combination.
A Late May Find
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 95,850. Language: Canadian English. Published: September 25, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Adult
Two people from two different societies, have one thing in common. Love. Can Alec's and Emma's love for each other last through the tests and trials that they are faced with? Can love for each other really be enough?
A Tennessee Love
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 54,800. Language: Canadian English. Published: September 13, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Adult
When Brooklyn Preston, a widow, a mother and a cardiac surgeon, thinks her life is finally back on the right track, after many years of hurt and loss, a handsome cowboy looks her way. Lucas Carter, an ex-Marine turn rancher had finally established his ranch in Nashville Tennessee, he never thought one woman could change so much in his life. Again.

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