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Shelly Jarvis began working on The Dreamwalker thanks to a writing assignment in Mrs. Burger's eleventh grade English class, but her passion for writing developed at seven when she wrote a Halloween tale about a witch and a ghost who became best friends.

Shelly began reading at three years old, writing at four, and putting together her own short stories (drawings included) at five. The love of reading and desire to write being instilled at such a young age, it carried through the years with Shelly, molding and shaping her ideas, imagination, and day to day life.

As a teenager, Shelly fell in deep like with poetry and convinced herself she was deep, emotional, and completely misunderstood. Years later she realized how silly she was as a teen, but did eventually find her poetic voice in her twenties when she fell in love with her beautiful home state of West Virginia.

An avid science fiction and fantasy fanatic, Shelly spends a large portion of each day dwelling in other worlds. She credits Madeleine L'Engle with her introduction to the genre, J.R.R Tolkien for expanding her view, George R.R. Martin for deepening her vision, and J.K. Rowling for blowing her mind.

When she isn't reading or writing, or thinking about reading or writing, Shelly enjoys spending time with her wonderful family and friends, taking photographs, and trying new recipes. She is a lover of dogs, the color blue, Pearl Jam, and Doctor Who.

Ms. Jarvis currently resides with her family in West Virginia, where the mountains will always have her heart.

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  • If Only to Love You on Sep. 02, 2015

    I am generally not a fan of romance novels, but Brae's story had me hooked from the beginning. When we first meet Soraya, she is preparing for her prom, though in her mind she knows it is the last event before she becomes homeless and loses everyone she cares about. After a disastrous encounter with her friend's girlfriend, she runs away to give in to the horrible things that are surely about to befall her...only they don't happen. Instead a kind stranger sets her up in a hotel and provides all she needs. While in the hotel, she meets Mateo, a handsome stranger who whisks her away into a fantasy life. Only the life he offers is far more dangerous than she realizes, and Soraya finds herself in a relationship she is afraid to leave. As Soraya learns how to take care of herself and find what she really wants, we watch her change from the timid high school girl to a woman who can stand up for herself, knowing in the end she will find exactly what her heart desires.