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  • The Sapphire Flute: Book 1 of The Wolfchild Saga on Sep. 27, 2011

    The Sapphire Flute is more than a magical tale—it is two tales skillfully interwoven around one world, Rasann, held together with fraying bands of magic long overdue for mending. If the white mage doesn’t appear soon, Rasann will fall apart at the seams and S’Kotos, the destroyer, will triumph. One story thread forms the warp and the other the weft of this tapestry, one dipping where the other raises, the mark of a sure hand at storytelling. Be warned, The Sapphire Flute is part of a series and will leave you anxious to see the complete tapestry. Color is key, so here are a few samples of the tones. Ember, at sixteen, feels stifled by her mother’s restrictions against magic and chafes to free herself for better reasons than teenage rebellion. Dreaming she will die at the hands of S’Kotos’ evil servant, Ember knows she must flee her home and learn magic to protect herself. Terrible dangers await if she dares step out her door, yet magic can only be learned at the Academy, and then only if Ember possesses enough magic to survive the journey and escape her enemies long enough to pass the entrance exams. Kayla, a talented young woman scorned by the aristocracy for her half-evahn heritage, is about to achieve her dreams through hard work and long practice. So beautifully does she play the flute, one might think it magic enough to win the king’s heart. Little does she know one small mistake will bring her world crashing down, endangering her life, her loved ones’ lives, and a city. Even Rasann may fall. Without revealing the details of why I hated to stop reading long enough to change planes, I can only say Karen’s tale interweaves novel creatures and characters fully fleshed out with strong motives for preservation or destruction and draws them all taught. The wolfchild is like no werewolf you’ve ever seen, and I say see because you will see all Karen’s creatures and scenes if you were there. She dyed her story threads in all the hues of a rainbow, and I hope you don’t wait until a rainy day to enjoy its beauty.