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Shilpa Unalkat, LL.B, DHP (MNRHP)
Shilpa is recognised as a world-class facilitator of conscious leadership skills. She works closely with aspiring entrepreneurs and International organisations that actively follow the conscious business philosophy. They are aware of the effects of their actions and act in ways that consciously affect human beings and the environment in a beneficial way. They follow principles of doing no harm and the triple bottom line model of providing positive value in the domain of people, planet and profit. They desire to benefit not only the external livelihood but also the internal lives of their employees who enjoy a wellness affirming workplace.
As a former city lawyer working in a magic circle law firm, Shilpa understands the pressures facing professionals in the corporate world. By teaching a combination of leadership skills and personal mastery techniques, she works to release her clients’ desire for authenticity and personal power. The underlying philosophy is that the concept of total responsibility for one’s life and the wisdom to grow from difficult challenges turns people’s lives around. That every stage or transition in our lives can be a step toward our own more authentic presence in the world.
Shilpa grew up in a very loving, Hindu Gujarati family who arrived in the UK, when she was a toddler, just before Idi Amin’s brutal Ugandan exodus in 1972. She has always been deeply inspired by her parents’ grace and grit attitude. They showed great resilience in the face of a life-changing ordeal. They endured having their ancestral home, business and all worldly possessions snatched away by a dictator, forcing them to start all over again in a foreign land. Shilpa is highly influenced by their entrepreneurial spirit and inner faith that far from something to fear, change - even the most painful - gives us many opportunities. That adversity does not mean defeat. That a loss in worldly terms can often lead to spiritual success. They gently instilled in her the belief that by being both ambitious and spiritual, a person could achieve their heart’s desires with the blessings of a higher force.
These familial ‘gifts’ gave her an unquestionable sense of inner security and a metaphysical perspective on life that reassures of an ever-unfolding good that stands as the natural order of the universe. From childhood she was aware of the bridge between the inner and outer worlds through powerful ceremonial Hindu rituals, prayers, meditation and forms of yoga. The idea that the universe responds to us on many levels if we are ready to listen continues to be the basis of her psychological way of being. It permeates and informs her style of working as a success coach and trainer.
Shilpa can be contacted on or by calling 07876 444 111.

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