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  • Employment of the Month: The Unfortunately True Adventures of FAXBoy and FileGrrl on Feb. 10, 2011

    As the dedication of the book reads: “This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever had a job and lost it and to everyone who currently has a job they no longer want.” So if you’ve ever hated a job, wished ill will toward your boss, or viewed your colleagues as either “nemeses” or as “allies,” then this is the book for you. Written in the format of a series of exit interviews, the book documents the work histories of FAXBoy and FileGrrl whose experiences range from sweet and innocent to dark and soul destroying --Betting most of us can relate to that kind of résumé! But the magic of the book is that, while on the surface it reads like an account of the crazy (and often hilarious) antics perpetrated by FAXBoy and FileGrrl, it is in fact the poignant journey of two people trying to find their way. “Employment of the Month” leaves you wondering, “Can jobs ever be just jobs?” Or will the good or bad of them end up guiding the way we view the world? It’s impossible to imagine that the thing we spend so much energy pursuing, and so much time doing, could ever be just an easy way to pay the rent.