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Smashwords book reviews by shorvat24

  • Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Volume 2 on Dec. 11, 2011

    OK. downloaded book 1 for free. Then said ok, $1 for 2 & 3, I'll keep going. I think the writer has a lot of potential. You should know, however, that you are purchasing the unedited versions of her books, which kinda sucks since she is in the process of editing and changing things. For example, Beau becomes Dax (read the preview for book 4). Also, she is a bit naive when it comes to things like rape, and the aftermath. That said, I definitely think this author has potential, I just think it's probably more worth it to wait until she puts out the edited versions before you spend your money. It's kind of hard to follow along with book 4 with things you thought you already read in books 1-3 are no longer accurate.