Sandra Hould


I am a young stay at home mom and artist. I have tried every mean of expression under the sun I think and yet I am still finding myself in awe over the artworld in general. From reading, writing, learning a new language, puppetry (making puppets mostly), drawing, music, all inspires me and I am ready to try anything to make me feel complete. I am currently writting my very first novel in between my daily chores and my free time. So until next time, see you behind the curtain of my thoughts.

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Smashwords book reviews by Sandra Hould

  • Be'askaas - Tales of Death and Redemption on March 17, 2013

    This book was a great introduction to the Be'askaas series. I could not put it down and it offered a new way of seeing things as well as seeing zombies as being different beings. Seeing how life and death, magic and daily life dance their eternal dance was perfectly told in this story and I can't wait to see the next installement in the series.
  • MAD MAN KNITTING or The Waiter and The Fly on Nov. 09, 2013

    I first heard about Gregory Patrick through a knitting page on my Facebook and after trying out his pattern of "The bear that saved me", I felt I just had to know more about him and about his journey into creating this bear. I absolutely love Gregory Patrick's book. It felt so real as if I had been living it myself. The pain, the wanting of making it all work, the life crumbling around him, I felt it as I read through the book, keeping me from sleeping at night because I just wondered how he was going to survive it all. This book was not only written in a personal way, it was written in a way we can all relate to what he was going through in one way or another. Truly, a wonderful book that shows us what it means to try to survive in difficult circumstances and still make it in the most unexpected ways. A great read, one that will bring tears to your eyes, make your heart skip a beat and want to just reach out and want to hug Gregory with all our strength and tell him that everything will be okay. Great job Gregory, keep it up!