Smashwords book reviews by mathur

  • Man of Power 5: The Nature of the Beast on Sep. 20, 2021

    The train derails in this series completely. It has too much sex, too long and too frequently that after a point of time you feel suffocated. Whatever romance, seduction, sexual tension was built up in the series from the start till here with the various characters, goes thrown up completely and you start looking for instances where there seems to be some normalcy. Seems like the main character is constantly on viagra 24*7*365 that he needs to bang all ladies he meets in a day and is constantly in fucking mode, a boss with a screwing mindset the whole day. The ad agency seems like a brothel many a times, all ladies in all departments ready to open their legs faster than you can say "A". Except for some break in continuity later on, you wont miss much if you give it a miss.