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  • Deep Black Beyond on Feb. 20, 2012

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the stories. If you like short science fiction (think Asimov's or Analog), you'll very likely enjoy these stories. As to the stories themselves: I found "Pele's Beekeeper" to be the best of the lot. Though it certainly wasn't the longest (and thus, in my opinion, proves the worth of the author), I connected most with the female lead of this story, and I found the motivations of the characters were palpable. "A Memory of Bone" was a bit too open-ended for me, but the imagery contained therein is vivid and unique. "No Spaceships Go" was poignant, if somewhat forced; "Beneath the Ice and Still" was far too short for me to connect with the protagonist and so I just didn't care (and it reminded me of "The Thing"); and "The Light of Earth as Seen from Tartarus" was somewhat ham-fisted with it's running non-subtexual Icarus metaphor. The other thing of note is that the author clearly has taken pains to make this short story collection inclusive (something that used to be quite rare, especially in science fiction). I'm love to read stories representing the voice of the Other, but it did seem like Bellet went out of her way to make sure that we knew that she was writing so diversely - the issues are important to be sure, but it can be depressing to read futuristic scifi where the gay character is still worried about coming out of the closet, especially when the skin color of another protagonist, (explicitly - if not pointedly - mentioned by the author) has no bearing on the abilities or the survival of said main character. I like that her futures aren't utopian, but I also would like to see more hope for that future. I liked this collection, and I would definitely recommend it to fans of the genre. The writing is solid, and the collection is entertaining. It was a great way for me to waste a lazy Sunday with a giant mug of tea."