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  • Interstellar Space Pirates: Invasion Earth on July 22, 2013

    The book has its charm in many ways: the warm dialogue, the gentle didactic slant taken by the author in these times of 'austerity', and the lovely rural setting contrasted with the expansive space narrative. Even the obvious homages to various well known space genre classics (the dressing gown reminded me of Arthur Dent) are endearing. BUT there are some problems that have been missed in the proofreading process, with some basic punctuation errors persistent throughout. This is a children's book after all. That said, I enjoyed reading it to my kids, and they both - boy and girl - got something out of it. (The plot did just enough to keep them interested). It's a solid three stars, and it was worth the dosh. I'll look at the preview for the sequel in the hope that the author's found a better editor.