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  • Sojourner (Sojourner Series Book 1) on Oct. 11, 2011

    I enjoyed reading the first 2 books in this series. I recommend the books to teens and young adults, however in my opinion the female protagonist becomes unlikeable as her character regresses in both emotional and rational maturity over the course of the story. I felt she spent more time in tears during the last two books than was palatable and it become annoying and overshadowed the storyline development.
  • Encrypted on March 09, 2012
    (no rating)
    This is a terrific story. I did not expect much, thinking it would be another ditsy romance set in some kind of softcore sci fi environment. Instead it is a luch story, told by someone who has, very competently, created a steampunkish/sci fi world, where protagonists grow and learn as the story unwinds in a believable manner. I was so enthusiastic about the characters that I went to amazon to see if I could get physical copies of the series. Most of her work is alas for kindle, and so I wouldnt be able to get a full physical library of her writing. I really do recommend this book to everyone. This is a skilled writer, and Im very happy I stumbled across her.
  • Madness on March 11, 2012

    I enjoyed this installment as much as the first. Although I have felt a female keeper would have been a way to open up the story to a bit of romance instead of the heavy bromance going on (but thats neither here nor there) - I agree with the other reviewer that the bromance is slightly unrealistic in the sense that its very verbal and touchy feely in parts. In the same way two women might behave towards eachother if in a close friendship. I take it, that the author being female is doing the best she can to aproximate male behaviouristics, but falling a little short at times. Nevertheless I enjoyed the book and I dont think the slightly unrealistic relationship actually detracted from the enjoyment of reading it. I would give 5 stars if keeper was female, but since he is male behaving like a female (sorry) Im giving it 4 stars.
  • When The Stars Walk Backwards on March 18, 2012

    this was a great read. I was really happy the author took us back to the planet from the keeper series. I was curious about the initial colonisation. Now I need to know when bakersfield found them and why they all dissappeared please :)
  • In The Time Of Dying on April 01, 2012

    Kristine Williams has a way with her characters. As in all her other work they are well written and solid. It is competent sci fi, but not horror, something the blurp might lead you to expect.
  • Keeper on April 01, 2012

    This is one of the best books I have yet read on smashwords. As part of a trilogy it is really a very competent book. I was facinated by the friendship developing between Sha'erah and Alex, and was enjoying the character development immensely. Kristine Williams books are very much dependant on good character development, because so much of the plot revolves around their growth, and inner/outer dialogue. If she fails with her characters the story falls flat. But here we have another example of a believable story about friendship between men, that is believable and utterly heartfelt. I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in sci fi, starships and strong friendships.
  • Tools of Extinction on April 01, 2012

    As with Keeper and the other books in the series, this one doesnt let the reader down. I have written so many times about how wonderful this author is, so I wont repeat myself again. Only to say, if you enjoyed the other 2 books then you wont be let down by this one. It left me with a lump in my throad a few times, but ultimately I was just so overjoyed reading about Alex and evan. Wonderful book.
  • Slave Empire - The Crystal Ship on April 05, 2012

    enjoyed the whole series. It is in my opinion the best one out of all her series. I got lost on the cyborg one at book 5 and I can't really get through the demon book 3 one. This Series however is very good. Its perfect in being a trilogy. I loved how convoluted the romance aspect was, and how the selfaware ships was a great addition. Reminded me of the GSV ships in the Culture novels by Ian M. Banks. One detraction is how the atlantians the race that intially saves the protagonists, go from being somewhat annoying to almost abominably evil in their ignorance through the course of the story arc. That felt a little over the top. I do prefer when this author keeps her evil slightly within the grey area, so that it doesnt become so easily identifiable. Also, it did feel a little like the ending was rushed in that aspect, simply because making them more one-sided was an easy way to get past that part of the plot.
  • The Unsuspecting Mage: The Morcyth Saga Book One on Nov. 03, 2012

    Can not believe the review below. One must live a sheltered life to Think riding a bike to School isnt perfectly normal in many many places. I loved the story btw. Even more so because it was free heh.
  • The Academy on Nov. 15, 2012

    Great YA romance. It was a bit like reading Ender's game with a romance twist to it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I dont know the authors name or what other pseudonyms she writes under or I would go read some more of her books right away. This one is very good.
  • In that moment on Nov. 19, 2012

  • Smolder (Dragon Souls #1) on March 09, 2013

    I wrote a positive review a while back, however I must now return to complain the lack of continuation with the story. My colt of Smolder promises a sequel by 2012 called Burn! It either hasnt been written or the writer has decided to discontinue the story. I was not advised of this at the time of purchase. So this writer lets us purchase a half complete book, that still advertises a sequel due last year. I dont Think it is fair to sell Your book that way, as its misleading us. If I had known upfront how this was just a half finished work with no sequel in sight I would never have given a positive review. I purchased the book only because it wasnt supposed to be a long wait for the following book. Not impressed ms. Penelope