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Back in 2004 Silver Dragon Publishing jumped on the publishing scene, mixing a violent blend of horror, poetry and anger together the company was founded by KJ Abyzz as he started off using the company as his own way of releasing his anger from his every day life and turning into a poetic horror.

Although with many newly developed publishing companies are usually embraced, Silver Dragon Publishing wasn't it was feared as nobody seemed to like or embrace what KJ was doing they all thought that he was just some psychotic with a pen. Whenever he wrote he always talked aboug going to the "aslyum". But the asylum wasn't an actual insane aslyum that many thought but in fact a space in his brain that he kept all the dark and twisted thoughts that would later come out as poetic horror.

In 2006 the roster of Silver Dragon Publishing expanded as KJ met Angel C who also had a troubled past and would develop a relationship with KJ. When the two wrote there sick and twisted minds became one. It definately seemed like a match made in hell.

2011 - Silver Dragon Publishing joined the likes of many on the site known as SmashWords and took all the singles that they had previously released and combined them into one release to mark the first release on the site the release was called "Stabbed In The Back"

In 2012 they merged with Coyotes Publishing

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