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I'm 34 years old mother and wife.I'm addicted to books reading.I want to read and also to write a review on my blog,Goodreads...

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  • Shadows of Past Memories (A Foxfire Chronicles Story) on Dec. 20, 2011

    What would do if your best friend moving far away? She is like your sister. You think that isn’t right decision…That happened to Aura. She is on a way to lost her best friend Terren. But what really happened with their lives. Strange creatures attacked them. Fear, supplication and tears. Seems they are lucky, they are saved from other beings. Then Terren reveal that she isn’t what she thinks that she is. She isn’t human being. What really happened I asked myself constantly, when I reading this book. Reality, dreams and parallel worlds are mixed in this book. Main characters are real girls with real lives, dreams and needs. But in their lives shows some creatures some of them want to hurt them, the others want to protect them, evil creatures and good creatures. The fight between good and evil. The creatures: Airian –master of the evil creatures, Ikura –good creature and the others creatures seems to me realistic, when I reading about them like I see them in front of me-Yikes! I feel the shivers through my body when I remind to some of them, specially the evil one. But like I told you there are good creatures too… In that disorder in her life Terren learn who she really is. Ikura and Koren and the other good creatures give her a book, ancient book. The story in that ancient book is fabulous. I liked so much. Alexandra is an excellent narrator. She makes me to believe in this story in these creatures and in their worlds.
  • Angel Evolution on Dec. 23, 2011

    My first thought was “o my God, it’s a horror book”, but isn’t just Taylor (main character) had a bad dream…This book is a tale of one evolution, an evolution of not human beings, and an evolution of angels. In this book is a fantastic story how is generated special species (The Beings): “In 1846 a young men Clifford hiking in Amazon jungle was attacked by one black snake. Clifford was mutated in some being. Since that day started generations of angels, demons and other creatures.” Gabriel’s (interesting name) actions could change the course of history forever. Gabriel is an angel and he is in a college when is involve with other college students like an ordinary boy. When Gabriel and Taylor meet it’s not by accident. Taylor notices his strange glow over his body as no one else did. Taylor is a college student. She is a girl who don’t like to pretend and want to be “Just-a –Taylor”, don’t wore a make up and she isn’t a fashion girl. Taylor have a nightmares every night when she closing her eyes. Sam is a Taylor‘s best friend. She is an opposite of Taylor. She is a cheerleader and she is that kind of girl who breaks every boy heart and girl in every boy dreams. Sam likes to makes friends. She is found a Marla, a girl in next door. There is interesting mixture of characters and there relations. As classical philologist I’m impressed by author’s knowledge in classics, especially in Greek mythology. He uses a geek mythology name for example: Dionysius and uses a Latin phrase Seize the day (Carpe diem). Reading this book it was like a watching movie. I hardly wait two other books from these trilogy.
  • The New Death and Others on March 06, 2012

    “New Death and the others” is collection of 44 short stories and 19 poems. The stories are fictional with different topics which vitiated from modern to mythical and folkloric. I think that all stories contain hidden message or they symbolize something. All that stories have unhidden sarcasm. Some of the stories are funny and make me laugh like ”A Date with Destiny” it is about one man who has date with Destiny through (interesting name for site and also symbolic),but Ambition was to smart and used the pictures from Destiny and presented herself like Destiny. Some of the stories made me think deeply and I’d agree with the point of the author, like “The God of the Poor” it’s about how Death became responsible and ruler to Fame and Fortune. From the poems I like “The Moon Sailed Sadly Through the Sky”.