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  • Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism on Nov. 11, 2013

    With a title that reads "Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism" it should be about the gods of Hinduism, right? Only about halfway through the book did I realize that the title was a pun intended to highlight the nature of one supreme spirit. Among the introductory books on Hinduism, I found this book most readable and entertaining. Yes, surprisingly entertaining for a religious book. Having been a visitor to India many times, I agree with the writer that it is easy to understand Hinduism when you are exposed to the culture of India. Among the many chapters, I found the 20-odd chapters on controversies especially interesting. Lots of stuff were new to me, although I've been reading about eastern religions for more than 30 years. The chapter on Hindutva, the Hindu fundamental movement, to lift their game was justified. The comparison of Hinduism with Buddhism was hilarious, so was the short piece on "Manly Englishman and effeminate Indian." It was shocking to learn about the so-called Wendy's child syndrome and how scholars misuse their academic freedom. Lastly, I hope Jesudas, the famous Christian singer, gets the opportunity to visit the hindu temple in Guruvayoor. I know how much this means to many Indians. It's only fair since the temple premises regularly play his songs.