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  • Road Trip on June 10, 2012

    This is a very hot read from the get-go. The story opens with the lead character giving oral in a moving car, and we quickly learn that she's not a willing participant: Amanda is being coerced by her husband's best friend, who has some dirt on her. There is action from beginning to end, but decent plot as well. It's diverse as well: there is masturbation, oral, group and some girl-on-girl. We also get some insight into what happens if Amanda disobeys: she gets whipped with a belt while she's on the phone with her oblivious husband. Highly recommended read!
  • Gallery on July 07, 2012

    Unbelievably wicked!  The author invites us into a realm of humiliation, sexual torment and hopelessness.  This is not a story for everyone, but if you are into this sort of thing, the images described within will stay with you, long after you put the book down...   The "Gallery" is an exhibit consisting of unwilling females (and one male).  Each of them has been brought there due to some sort of wrongdoing against the narrator--usually, something serious, but in one case it's for something as trivial as stealing a parking space at the grocery store.     In the majority of the scenarios, the form of punishment is related in some way to the transgression.  In one very graphic and tawdry scene, the victim's racial prejudice has cost the narrator her relationship with her boyfriend of another race.  As a result, the prisoner is subjected to constantly repeated interracial gangbangs, all for the entertainment of the gallery's patrons (and the narrator herself.)   What's great about the book is that each scene stands completely on its own, but are all also woven neatly together.