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Glen Sample is a long-time researcher into the assassination of JFK. In 1996, he and Mark Collom authored "The Men on the Sixth Floor", a book that was the first to introduce Malcolm Wallace to the assassination research community.
Since then, others have widened the scope of the Wallace connection, but it was Sample and Collom's book that first published the "Estes Documents" that directly connected LBJ to the JFK assassination.
In 2003, film maker Nigel Turner produced the film "The Guilty Men", based in part on Sample and Collom's research. It was immediately squelched by the Johnson family, former LBJ advisor Jack Valenti, former president Gerald Ford and others, who threatened a lawsuit unless the History Channel dumped the project. Since then, the film has only been available on YouTube, and many have taken a closer look at "The Men on the Sixth Floor". Sample has since updated the book with 2 new chapters, and although not as active in JFK research, still keeps up with the latest on the case.

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