Stephen Abraham


Stephen Abraham (1969 - ) was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, during the height of the Apartheid regime.

Recently, during a visit to the Cape Town Holocaust centre he discovered a postcard. The correspondence, post-marked 1918, was addressed to his late grandfather, Benni Abraham, then a young blue-eyed Lithuanian boxer. He had eloped to South Africa in the early 1900s.

Compelled to find out more about WWII and his family in Lithuania, his research uncovered injustices by the Lithuanians, which have perpetuated to current times - without recourse and hushed in the international press. Due to the fear and hate of Apartheid and the WWII Holocaust - and unable to remain silent any longer, it was time to write the story. In the backdrop of fact, Stephen has woven a historical narrative exposing the Lithuanian brutality - the murder of 100,000 Lithuanian Jews by Lithuanians. A story about love in the time of war.

Originally titled: "The Purpose of Killing a Jew," it is mystical journey into love that explores the depths of human nature.

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