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I live in Melbourne Australia with my wonderful wife and two fantastic daughters. I was raised in the family footwear business where I still work, but I’ve done a great deal besides. I’ve edited, researched, sub-edited and published. I’ve done a stint in the Royal Australian Navy, run a small café and pumped diesel at a bus depot. I’m a travel junkie, amateur birdwatcher and overall book and film nerd.

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Smashwords book reviews by SJB Gilmour

  • Below the Surface on April 24, 2012

    Below The Surface by Catrina Taylor Some sci-fi writers, and a lot of fantasy writers load the reader with massive info-dumps to wade through before they get to the guts of the story. Catrina Taylor doesn’t do that in Below The Surface. That alone made me really, really like this short story. There’s little to no preamble cluttering up Taylor’s writing which makes her a must for the experienced sci-fi reader. She takes you straight into the middle of a war-zone, on an unnamed planet, and bam! You’re in the story. The protagonist is a young Resistance fighter called Merx who, with his two mothers and other family members and comrades, is fighting the Ven. He’s also gifted; a telepath. When he helps rescue a girl around his age, also a telepath, from a crashed Ven transport, the intrigue only just begins. The bulk of the story takes place in the caves in which the Resistance is hiding from the Ven – hence the title, and it leads up to an ending which left me just itching to get more. I’ll be sure to bug her on her Facebook page: for more. Another nice touch Taylor works in is how in the society she’s created, there are a few very different social and biological norms. Extra sensory perception, while not common, is recognised as real, and bi-sexuality (and, we can assume all other kinds of non-traditional, non-heterosexual relationships) is no big deal whatsoever. For fans of the likes of Herbert, MacCaffrey and Heinlein, Taylor takes us into more wonderful unknown territory, yet armed with the familiar feel of being in a good sci-fi setting, the way it should be. For the dedicated sci-fi reader (especially Heinlein fans), Catrina Taylor is a writer to watch.
  • Halos on Sep. 02, 2012

    More, more, more! Hannah Harland has talent and a great way with words for someone so young. I'm really looking forward to seeing more from this emerging writer as she hones her craft. Her début story Halos, shows both her fantastic imagination and love for writing. It definitely had me thinking outside the box, and that's not an easy thing for a writer to get me to do. Pick up and read Halos. It's great stuff.