Shirley Hoff

Smashwords book reviews by Shirley Hoff

  • Life Blood (Cora's Choice #1) on Feb. 01, 2015

    Cora's Choice ... an addicting journey to a cool new universe from the mind of V.M. Black. Life Blood offers a novel way of introducing the "mortal" to the "paranormal," and does it well. The story is told first person through the eyes of Cora Shaw, college student, fairly average except for being terribly ill and without options. Enter Mr.Thorne with an either/or proposition. The choice, as it were, is complicated with reconciling a limited understanding and expectations with a whole different reality. Oh yeah, and the little matter of Mr. Thorne being mysterious, attractive and ... attracted? Sexy is putting it mildly. Whatever Ms. Black is "doing," I hope she keeps it up, and I'll be back for more.