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Liz Rich
Latest book: The Funny Bunny. Published September 10, 2013. (4.75 from 4 reviews)

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  • A Bridge To Cross on Dec. 15, 2012
    (no rating)
    Excellent story. Liz Rich is an amazing author. She is a "must read" author. Excellent work.
  • A Bridge To Cross on Dec. 15, 2012

    Excelllet work. A very touching story, you feel like you are there. Liz Rich is going to make the best seller list.
  • Love Covers - Grieve if You Must But Find Your Strength in Love on Feb. 11, 2013

    Extremely well written. You can feel the love, honor, and respect for her mother that has gone to be with Jesus. Brought tears to my eyes. Excellent work!
  • The Treehouse at Shadow Lake on Feb. 17, 2013

    Amazing-Since I am priviliged to know the children in real life - you captured them perfectly. This is a beautiful story about playing fair. Well written!
  • Billie the Kid on March 17, 2013

    This is probably one of Liz Rich's best published works yet. The suspense would have any child sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens. It is also a great story that demonstrates children are smarter and faster thinker than they are given credit for. EXCELLENT WORK.
  • Chase and The Golden Marble on Aug. 01, 2013

    Amazing book. I have read each of the books written by this author, and continue to be amazed at the ease of read that has a big impact. I own a childcare center, and we read this book to our kids. THEY LOVED IT. In today's world there is too much bullying and all too often children are allowed to believe it is ok to torment others. This book is opens a door for dialog for discussion on how we can handle those situations. Keep up the excellent work-can't wait to read the next book.
  • Special Delivery on Aug. 12, 2013

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I am sure anyone that has a loved one in heaven can relate to this touching letter. This is a must read-I'm still wiping my eyes. God bless this family.
  • The Witch In The Water on Aug. 12, 2013

    Another brillant book that is full of fun, intrigue, and out-in-out fun for children.
  • The Funny Bunny on Sep. 10, 2013

    exceptional book! Love, Love, Love this author. She "gets" kids and what makes them tick! The pictures make the book adorable and you can just feel the fun Millie has with her new friend. A great training book to use when a child finds a "lost" animal that belongs in the wild.