Sunil Agarwal


An ex army officer from the India’s Defense Forces, had joined Army in 1975 as a Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers and rose to the rank of Lt Col. gave up my uniform in May 1998 after having served a short span in the Kashmir Valley.

Being an emotional person by nature, I used to write poetry when I was at the front all along. I compiled my work after hanging uniform and thus this Bouquet of Expressions in the form of Poet Soul in Soldier’s Garb came into being.

After leaving Army, I worked in Corporate and later in Education Management. In 2003 I migrated to United States with family to settle down in Plano TX, recently completed my doctorate in Organizational Behavior.

I have another book in offing which is on the philosophy of life.. meaning a person never dies.. just changes bodies like clothes. We live in Maaya, meaning illusion- Life, Death, Time and Space all are due to Maaya.

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