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S. Kahn was born in Tacoma, Washington. The first born of five children, he was raised to appreciate the arts and soon found writing to his liking. After a lucrative career as a non-fiction ghost-writer for several publishing houses he decided to give the art of fiction a try.

He is now living in the mid-east and in a serious long-term relationship with Jessica Tanaka

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  • Tesania - Trannyth's Keep: An Epic Fantasy Adventure on April 14, 2011

    A wonderful fantasy novel! I’m a voracious reader and I often read several books at the same time (having a Kindle makes this very easy), usually switching between them as the mood strikes me. But, this book: Tesania - Trannyth's Keep, I couldn’t put down. I actually finished it the first day I spied page one and I don’t usually read fantasy fiction. The characters are lively and the interaction is quite real. The plot flows well and won’t leave you stranded, lost in the pages, waiting for the author to rescue you. The writing is engaging and (thankfully) void of flowery prose. It’s a smooth and wonderful read and a great adventure. You will find yourself laughing, crying and living the adventure through the main characters’ eyes. Their hearts will beat through your fingertips and the ending will have you wishing you could take this journey with Tesania and her friends all over again. S. Kahn