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Skeleton Key Publishing, LLC is a private press, specializing in the publication and distribution of ebooks. Founded in 2011, SKP produces high quality erotica and romance (of nearly all genres). They will open to general submissions some time in the summer of 2014.

The publisher’s hope is to establish a direct line of communication with readers, thus allowing them to better meet their needs. Whether it's an idea for an anthology, a specific genre they’d like to see more of, a request for a one-on-one with a specific author, or something as simple as a suggestion about their website, Skeleton Key Publishing wants to hear about it. The skeleton crew feels their position on customer feedback can be summed up in the famous words of one of television’s most beloved radio-psychologists: “Go on, I’m listening…”

For those of you who are now wondering about the individuals behind this well-founded (and funded) venture, Skeleton Key Publishing, LLC is pleased to have been conceived and created from the minds of two publishing industry professionals: Ms. J.L. Douglas and Mrs. J.M. Roman. These two ambitious women started as readers, became authors, and finally moved on to editors. Publisher was the next logical step.

With a combined experience of thirteen years in the publishing industry, they have seen the future become the past. They have seen the seemingly untouchable commercial publishers humbled by their digital competitors. And they’ve heard every author, book, contract, etc. horror story from here to Neverland. All of these experiences, all of the individuals who have touched their lives both professionally and personally, led them to create a publishing house where authors truly are an investment of the deepest kind; where editors are treated with their due respect; and where no great book will ever be turned away on account of not having an agent, an industry standing, or a big name to hide grammatical errors under.

So, without further ado, Skeleton Key Publishing, LLC presents: the future—where any key, no matter how small, can open even the largest of locks.

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