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It’s a complete misnomer that the British (yes, I’m from England) only consume bland food and drink. I grew up with adventurous, culinary parents and a plethora of restaurants in my home town, from basic pub grub to French, German and Greek to Indian and Chinese. Unfortunately, I must admit that adult beverages were less than imaginative.

My first introduction to that uniquely American creation, the cocktail, was in a bar in Athens (Greece). I was just 17 years old and tasted a Whisky Sour. It was love at first sip.

As the years have passed my tastes have broadened (along with my hips, my thighs, my jowls...). I began to experiment with my own libations, including low calorie creations, infusions, and syrups, and searching for inspiration in everything from foods, color, aroma, emotion, music; heck, even the kitchen sink! I wanted to blend flavors; to build bold new drinks and go where no man (or woman) has gone before.

And so Mix ‘n Sip was born. The mixnsip.com website is an ever-growing database of old and new mixed drinks and home bar tips and information. I design cocktails for special events and special people, and speak to private groups about my "cocktailian" (and other) experiences.

Book writing is the latest phase in the Mix 'n Sip evolution, with Skinny Jeans Cocktails only the first of a number of fun, informative and very different cocktail recipe ventures and booze-related ideas, all of which embrace the concept that anyone can create a great cocktail and that imbibing is as much about enjoyment of the blend of flavors as the camaraderie of sharing your creation with others.

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