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  • Chronicles of an Airman: Discovering Purpose 6,500 Miles from Home on Oct. 16, 2011

    I am intrigued by the story of any member of our military in our society which is drowning in biased media. I found the format of reading journal entries to be somewhat distracting. It compounded transitions from topics such as Bible study to military procedure and emotional transitions. However, having been a military spouse "back home" on the receiving end of sporadic phone calls and letters, I can attest that this format is accurate of how information usually is shared with loved ones. Ultimately, the format lends credibility to the story and brings focus to the key point of each day described. There are some grammatical and editing errors that I would hope would be corrected before publication, but I'm sure could be addressed easily in the Kindle format through which I read the book. The end of the book is truly the gem inside the cover. The big picture, the context in which some of the journal entries were written and evaluation of how the decisions made during deployment affected the author's future are the types of revelation I believe the reader seeks. It is the words in this final section that leave me hopeful the author will continue to share her journey with us. Women are seeking mentors in their careers, spiritual growth and marriage...all areas in which I believe the author has much more to share.