Smashwords book reviews by skollunger

  • Redemption on July 12, 2016

    Limbo, Time Travel, and Spiritual Awakening All In One Redemption is a unique novel that blends sci-fi, history and philosophy; a supernatural, spiritual, romance, sci-fi, and speculative fiction adventure. The story starts in the future but the reader eventually goes on a journey through different kinds of lifetimes. The main character, Ann, is from the year 2045 and works for an AI department. She enjoys her work and bustling social life, though she feels that something is missing in her life. At the beginning of the novel, Ann is an atheist, however an open minded curious one and as the story unfolds, she begins to be more interested in spiritual matters. I truly liked the philosophy behind the story, the idea of time-travel and multiple dimensions, and a surprising twist in the end-- all makes for a superb book! It’s an inner journey, a spiritual quest for redemption through recognizing values in life such as freedom, love, courage peace and hope. I loved that the story is in fact set in the future and past and not in the present, it's a refreshing approach. However, the bar to reaching redemption is set so high that I'm quite sure I'd be stuck in Limbo, or Clapham, or Mean Street forever. I also enjoyed the idea of the artificial soul, the strongest character in the book and the real 'romantic' lead and the final “death” and arrival at station Nirvana. As to the short-life stories set up in the different historical time periods, they are very amusing both standing as independent reads and as a well integrated part of the overall theme. This is a great novel with a positive ending and a strong romance genre. If you love reading sci-fi, quests of any manner, Redemption is a must read. Do not miss out on this spiritual awakening of Ann and face the consequences of limbo.