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  • Runes (A Runes Novel) on Dec. 28, 2014

    I have been a BIG fan of Ednah Walters since the very first book in her Guardian Legacy Series. I thought it was amazing. I have also read her Fitzgerald Series written as E.B. Walters, although I loved it, I felt it could not top the first series of hers I read. BUT all that changed when I read Runes. It is such a PHENOMENAL book I just couldn't put it down but at the same time I was trying to prolong it because I didn't want it to end. For the first time EVER I didn't know what to do with myself when I finished this book. I was literally counting down the days til part 2 came out and wondering if I could last til then....lol. Lorraine "Raine" Cooper seemingly has it all, a great best friend named Cora Jemison, an unofficial boyfriend named Eirik Seville (childhood friend who used to live next door), an eclectic mother, and a doting father (until he went missing). That is all about to change with the arrival of Torin St. James. An oh so dreamy bad boy type with electric blue eyes. With the summer winding down Raine is getting ready to rejoin the swim team with the rest of her friends until Torin changes the course of Raine's life forever. Soon left with more questions then answers Raine sets out to learn who and what Torin is so she can get back to her life and her boyfriend whom she has always wanted, although, even that she isn't sure about anymore. With Torin always showing up and "helping" her and with weird new students who keep popping up all the time Raine starts to question her sanity, her fate, magic, and if she can really take Torin at his word and truly trust him to help save her life, her friends, and the lives of the swim team. I am so trying not to say the wrong things and ruin this book for anyone. Trust me, in my opinion, this is one book you do not want ruined. To me, Runes is a MUST read for EVERYONE in 2013. Ednah has totally blown me away with her ability to suck me in and leave me wanting for more. Like I said before I have been a BIG fan of hers for a while but now if she wrote an auto repair manual I would read it. That is how FANTASTIC I think her and her writing is. On a scale from 1-10 I give Runes (Runes Series Book #1) an ENORMOUS 20. Yes, it is off my scale but that is a testament to how amazing I think this book is. If you are a fan of true love, destiny, mythical beings, or are just looking for the best book out there (in my opinion) then I encourage EVERYONE to run (not walk) out and pick yourself up a copy of this book. Help Raine discover Torin's secrets and save the lives of everyone she cares about.
  • Grimnirs (A Runes Novel) on Dec. 28, 2014

    Ednah Walters writing ALWAYS surprises me. Everyone of her stories never fails to garner a fierce response from me. When I first stated reading this series I immediately fell in LOVE with Torin St. James and thought no one could even come close to it. Well, Ednah blew that out of the water when she created Echo. He is beyond HOT, funny, did I mention HOT, with an undercurrent of badness to him. Cora Jemison is no longer just Raine's best friends; oh no, she can see souls everywhere she goes. On a trip to the grocery store Cora encounters Echo, a mysterious guy who seems to be shepherding the very souls she wants to escape from. While she can't take her eyes off him he stuns her by talking to her like he knows her. All the while she is thinking it is impossible because she would remember him if she did. Echo is a Grimnir, a reaper of souls. He guides souls to Hels Hall and he is great at his job. Echo is also not to be trusted because he will do any and everything to reach his end goal no matter who he has to destroy on the process. All that starts to change when the Cora he once thought he knew starts saying and acting differently then he is used to. He sees a softer side to her that makes him want to act that way as well. Once Echo realizes Cora is a Mortal he tries to do the right thing and let her go but Cora has other plans for her Grimnir. There is so much I want to say but I really don't want to give away any more of the story and ruin it for anyone. I so came close to tears reading this book. I had OMG moments and I there were a few times when I wished I had this book in paperback so I could throw it or bang it in frustration. I LOVED the fact that this book made me a jumble of emotions. To me, that is what a brilliant writer does, they take you on an emotional roller coaster but never let you catch your breath. I CAN'T WAIT TIL BOOK #3. On a scale from 1-10 I give Grimnirs a 20. Every book Ednah writes topples my scale because anything less seems like he won't do he stories justice. If your a fan of her Runes Series than this is a MUST HAVE addition. If you are looking for a great story, HOT guys/girls, Norse Mythology, or just looking for amazing characters than Grimnirs is the book for you. I encourage everyone who loves this series to pick up a copy. If you haven't read this series then when you buy Grimnirs you should also buy Runes and Immortals. Let Cora and Echo show you something worth fighting for.