Tristan Slaughter


Not one to speak highly of myself. I'm a manically depressed clinicly insane possible drug abuser with a big ass mouth and yeah I'm from the south, what of it? Of course I may be lying, but perhaps not. My art isn't pretty and Hell my writing style may not be for everyone, but it's all me, you'll find no BS in my writings. Everything in my head pours out on paper. Naturally I've been in plenty hot water over such things quite a few times but what can I say? It's fun! My readers either get my way of thinking or they don't. I show sex as it is, both a villain and a friend and I show people as they are twisted and severly FD up. Maybe it's a little to dark for some to grasp but...I can promise one thing, you'll never forget the stories I tell, whether you want to or not. I've lived in North Carolina all my life (except the year I went off to California, but we won't talk about that here) I love women, loathe men, love booze and pills and drive really fast (unless I feel like pissing people behind me off then I drive real slow) and if for some reason you are still reading my bio then please stop it, go kiss and hug your kid(s) real tight and pray they don't turn out like me. Chou, I GOT TO MAMBO!

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