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  • Promises (Book One of The Syrenka Series) on June 11, 2012

    First off the covers for this trilogy are really beautifully done. I happened to win the first two installments of this trilogy in a competition on Gravetells (an awesome website that reviews paranormal genre books - check it out) The book is about Mermaids and Selkies (seals/shapeshifter), this is not usually a genre I go for but after recently reading the Warriors of Poseiden series by Alyssa Day I was already in a watering/sea mood. So far I have to say the story is very well written, the plot is interesting, entertaining and flows nicely throughout. The story had captured me within the first few chapters and I couldnt seem to put it down. Although it ended on a cliffhanger the story as a whole was excellent and I am looking forward to continuing the story in the next installment. When I read I can see the pictures in my head and if the book is good it will follow through till the end like a movie, This book did this I saw what Eviana and Kain and the rest of the characters looked like and their attitudes and reactions to everything Okay so characters are very well written I already see Eviana as a typical teenager that is on the cusp of being a woman, she so far has endured a number of hardships but has come out as a strong young woman. Im not a fan of the love triangle but the author has taken this to an interesting level where I can not decide who I believe is Eviana's "Soul Mate" and it will be interesting to see who she does end up with in the end, as I am a huge fan of Kain (Who isnt - Hes rich, good looking and an all around good guy) but Brendan has the whole friends plus love thing going for him. All up a very good book I would recommend to all fans of young adult readers and I am really looking forward to finishing this trilogy.
  • The Druid Series 1: Reapers on July 12, 2012

    Loved it!!! This was a great begining to a really interesting series. This is action packed with great characters and full of twists and turns Keep reading this series it gets even better as you go along
  • The Druid Series 4: Sow on July 12, 2012

    AWESOME!!! This is the best in the series so far I loved it!! So looking forward to the next installment as it left on a huge cliff hanger. The writing style of this author is thoroughly enjoyable the characters are Hot!! and you want to read more about them you will be hooked. Start out with Reapers its a free read and will hook you enough to want to read the rest.
  • The Druid Series 5: Seed on Aug. 12, 2012

    Excellent story This sereis just gets better and better each time I read another installment This one is a Scorcher I think my brain is still sizzling!!! And so is my Kobo! Okay so this was the next installment of the Druid Breeders series and it was worth the wait. This series is really great its got lots of fast paced action, plenty of blood and mayham, heaps of twists and turns to make you nuts (in a good way), and some extra hot loving, with a pinch of romance here and there. The male characters are domineering primative and protective (though this is their nature), the women are funny and strong willed despite their situation, and their witty retorts have you laughing out loud. I absolutely hated Constantine, but loved his character also, he is an excellent addition to this story and in this series not all vampires are fluffy bunnies, his sadistic behaviour towards women is beyond frightening but as he is a predator his instincts and personality are a product of his nature, the typical Bad boy with the scariest bad traits. Aubree and Beau are still a great pairing and I would love to see more of how their story progresses, the cliff hanger that ended on these two is beyond imagination and I cannot predict what will happen next. Im so glad we still get a little cameo of past characters here and there. The death of an important character was unexpected but a worthy trade off to the story line which is delicious. Holly was finally given a back-bone no longer the simmpering fluffy queen Hilarious. This series is getting better and better with each installment and I am constantly awed by the amazing unpredictability of both the story line and the characters. Marata Eros has an uncanny knack at not giving the readers what they want because she knows better she believes you deserve more and thats what she gives you. So looking forward to the next installment bring on August and bring on Plow.
  • The Druid Series 6: Plow on Sep. 16, 2012

    OMG She did it again!!!!! That was an AWESOME!! installment. First off lets start with the cover - HELLO HOTNESS. Marata cover designer has a special gift they make the HOTTEST and the best covers in the most interesting of poses, this is one of the many things I look forward to in each and every installment of Marata's writings. The story line is excellent, its fast paced, flows smoothly and interesting on the edge of your seat nail bitingly Awesome!!!! The characters are incredibley interesting and with such diversity. I cracked up again with Rachels antics she is one of the wittiest characters I have had the pleasure to read (I love the way she takes down her sister HILARIOUS) and her mate Cole is a very strong and protective character. Aubree and Beau are still an amazing couple they have a beautiful partnership and are an excellent addition to the character pool. Holly and Kier get a lovely welcoming by Rachel (Still laughing). Constantine gets his comeuppance and its beautiful and horrifiying at the same time. Im so looking forward to what he gets up to next. This installment brought about the introduction of the Exotics Lucia (who is mighty and KICK-ASS) and Tarrin (who is wicked strong and amazingly gentle) which are the next important mated piece in the prophecy puzzle, should be interesting how this turns out. ****(Spoiler)The scene where Tarrin asks if Lucia is already mated and she then tells him she is now - Is one of the sweetest scenes I have ever read. These novellas get better and better and I personally cant get enough as I believe is true for many other fans. This was an extremely worthy installment to the Druid Breeders series and definately a favourite to be re-read again which I will do when the final installment Thresher comes out at the end of the month.
  • Betrayal (Book Two of The Syrenka Series) on Nov. 05, 2012

    Excellent!! Well written and an interesting storyline, fully action packed and refreshing. This series is really worth your time if your into young adult you will not be dissapointed, who would have thought mermaids would jump in and take a piece of the paranormal/fantasy action genre. Im really looking forward to the last installment and Im giving my vote to Kain I hope Eviana sorts her feelings out gets her act together and get with Kain.
  • Lingerie Wars on Oct. 10, 2013

    What an awesome story!! Bring on the next round!!!!! Janet Elizabeth Hendersen's sense of humor is FABULOUS!!!!! I need to find more of her writings. I'm completely intrigued in Scottish fare usually the whole burly men in highland kilts is enough to get the blood flowing and I love reading the accents, but having a well written story with humor and banter and you have won me over forever. This story set fire to contemporary romance stories out there at the moment I thoroughly enjoyed this, the endless supply of New Adult contemporary romance is getting beyond my annoyance and I am so glad to have found one that has a more mature less teenage/college level to it. I am completely new to this author and I am definitely putting her in my author's to follow list I was that captivated by this story. Such humor BRILLIANT!!! I love love loved the characters Lake is and excellent down to earth, HOT ex military guy that has hello big boy written all over him in big black unremovable texta that you want a piece and and extra helping to take home. He is smart and witty and his level of respect towards Kristy and the rest of the women in Invertary is swoon worthy, definitely going on the book boyfriend list. I loved that he got Kristy to feel good about all herself and not to be scared of who she is. Kristy is a beautifully written character, her sassy remarks and ability to overcome a huge trial in her life bring to life an utterly wonderful character, that would require brilliance to replicate. What a couple they never gave up the hilarious banter and the sexual tension was so thick a knife couldn't have sliced through it was completely delicious. Every character involved had a purpose and one that was worthy of the story. All the characters were intriguing in their own right and there are a few I would love to read more of, especially Caroline I feel there is more to her we have not seen. Betty is just HILARIOUS!!! I want to shrink her and have her in my pocket for laughter emergencies. Hobbit indeed she would probably fit. She needs her own Book or definitely needs to star constantly in the series, her headstone is marvellous such genius!!!! Thankfully I have this on my kindle because I highlighted more than half the book about 75% would have been Betty scenes. I loved how this wasn't a sappy novel with all the I love you's coming out of nowhere. The romance felt believable a I loved the slow courtship, they did get to know each other and enjoy each other first before the jumping into bed part. I'm a huge fan of the sex scene in books but I was really glad there wasn't one in this story I think it would have cheapened the experience the implication was enough. This was such a page turner I felt totally involved in the story. I couldn't put it down and I really didn't want it to end. However a really satisfying ending. This needs to be a movie!!! I loved the side story of Lakes sister Rainne (Rainbow) and Alistair and would love to see how their story turns out. All I can say is bring on the next one Im ready!!!!!
  • The Siren Series 1: Ember on Feb. 11, 2014

    WOW why did I wait so long to get back into this series!!!! I LOVE Marata Eros her descriptive prose and humorous wit, amazing storyline and sexy and original characters are to be admired and bragged about. Constantine is back!!!! What I like about Constantine is the his intensity of his emotions and character. He doesn't know who or what he is exactly and he can only reactively follow his inbred instincts. I love finding out new blood species running in his veins. Con is the type of character you want to hate but cant help but feel for as well. He's so cocky and arrogant which only gets him into trouble. I loved Ember how she bites back and how they all underestimate her. I look forward to seeing if Con gets his way with her, and finding out more of the origins of her birth. Welcome to the series Brandon (Son of Aubree and Beau – from Druid Series) only two years old and already a fully grown male due to his Mer bloodline. He really is an interesting character and I hope he gets his story soon. Ruby is also a new addition you just want to help her up and give her a big hug, What a crap hand she was dealt. I definitely have to mention Brolach Oh My Freaking Gawd!!!!! He is Freaking Hot Literally!!!! I am going to need me some more of Brolach, I cannot wait for his story. I am seriously crushing on Brolach big time. All that Bad boy with good boy running in his veins seriously HOT!!!! OMG!!!! I loved all the different species Mer, Demon, Druid, Faction, Vampire, Reaper, Exotic, I cant wait for what comes next. I love how Marata brings you into her world and makes the story believable, these characters are real this is all happening under our noses. I love how refreshing it is not to know what is going to happen next so unpredictable, Marata really keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. All up and incredibly epic addition to the Marata Eros world and a larger than life instalment to the Siren Series I cannot wait to see what happens next.
  • The Druid Series 7: Thresher on Feb. 11, 2014

    A Brilliant ending to a brilliant series!!!! This is definately a series I will re-read and I am really looking forward to all the spin offs. This last installment rounded off the stories of all the Druid Breeder pairs and the all the bad guys. Okay this installment was more on the romanctic side so my review will be more to that fact. Okay Tarrin was excellent such strength and violence but still has the ability to check his actions. Very strong character and an excellent pairing with Lucia who is strong in her own rights and witty. and Tarrin has the aboslute best line in the whole series.................... "No one takes whats mine. fate has gifted me this female. Destiny does not allow exchanges" LOVE IT!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Rachel and Cole I believe still have the best relationship of all the breeders they have their relationship based on love they obviously chose each other. I was really estatic over the ending of their story it left no questions but I do enjoy this couple so much that I still want there to be more to thier story. Kier and Holly their realtionship built completely on LUST and is hot and you can see the care they have for each other builds, and its nice to see a couple completely hot for each other. I do miss Zach though, I believe Holly missed out on the whole Soul mate thing there but she got just as good with Kier. Aubree and Beau they have the whole meant to be together soul mate thing that they pull off completely you really believe their love for each other. Definately one of the best couples in the series. Constantine is still his wicked self in this installment but does have a huge change of character that is and awesome revelation. I have to mention the introduction of the Mer HELLO hottness, I am so excited that this is going to be a spin off I need more of these mermen. So Marata Eros did it again and excellent ending to an excellent series, Loved it!!!!! Marata Eros has the BEST imagination she will suck you in with her stories and imagination and you will never leave her storyland without a HUGE smile on your face and a faint blush in your cheeks. Really really looking forward to the Druid Breeders Novel thats out now. and the Mer story Ember, whos cover is HOTTER than the already Hot covers of the Druid Breeders series.
  • The Druid Series Boxed Set (Volumes 1-3): A Dark Alpha MFM Vampire Paranormal Menage Romance on Feb. 11, 2014

    If you love dark paranormal erotica or if your just into a really good read I recommend this series start with Reapers its free and is worth the time Reapers Found this on itunes as a free download thought it would be a nice quick read and I actually really liked it It is part one in the Druid trilogy and Im really looking forward to reading the last two installments. The action is fast paced and cleverly written the characters are interesting and bold. I am not a fan at all of rape scenes and this story has a few but I guess it adds to the intesity of the story line. Also some of the hottest covers ever wish I had a colour Kobo so I can ogle in colour, guess Ill just have to make wallpapers for my iphone lol Bled Loved it This book has everything - Action, Suspense, and some naughtyness. This installment has a great plot we follow on from the first book Reapers, Rachel is still in trouble but also being looked after and the new introduction of Holly is a wonderful twist, but I wont tell you why. All up this series is an enjoyable read and so quick that it keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Another HOTT!!! Cover Harvest I really liked this and HELLO Back candy!!! This series is action packed and full of promise for more. It is a little confusing in some areas but I love the fast paced action and the characters are wonderful. Looking forward to next installment.
  • The Druid Series 3: Harvest on Feb. 11, 2014

    I really liked this and HELLO Back candy!!! This series is action packed and full of promise for more. It is a little confusing in some areas but I love the fast paced action and the characters are wonderful. Looking forward to next installment.
  • The Druid Series 2: Bled on Feb. 11, 2014

    Loved it This book has everything - Action, Suspense, and some naughtyness. This installment has a great plot we follow on from the first book Reapers, Rachel is still in trouble but also being looked after and the new introduction of Holly is a wonderful twist, but I wont tell you why. All up this series is an enjoyable read and so quick that it keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Another HOTT!!! Cover
  • A Hard Lesson (#1) on Feb. 11, 2014

    Dara Nichols is an educater that gets more than she bargains for in a number of senarios. The first story (A Hard Lesson) is about getting taught a few sexual lessons by her own students. I loved this story. It was told brilliantly. The characters are hot and the story is sexy as hell. The story is basically an erotic thrill, and is told beautifully. If you love this one read the seven others involving Dara and her conquests they are hotter than Hell, and will hook you beyond belief