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Dr. Laird is Chief Partner of ICSA, LLC. The company works on national security strategic issues with the U.S and European governments as well as working with key aerospace and defense firms on selected issues in both Europe and the United States.

He received his PhD from Columbia University in 1974 and has worked in several major think tanks. From 1974-1979, Dr. Laird was an associated with the Research Institute of International Change at Columbia University and received several research grants, including from the Woodrow Wilson Center of Scholars and the National Science Foundation. He then worked as Special Assistant for the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1979-1983, He was then research staff member at the Center of Naval Analyses where he worked on Soviet and European security issues. In 1985, Dr. Laird became a senior staff member of the Institute for Defense Analysis where we worked on issues for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Office of the Secretary of Defense.

From 1995 to the present, Dr. Laird has been affiliated with a number of research institutions while running his consulting firm. Several foundation grants have been received to pursue analytical work on foreign and security policy, in addition to pursuing applied policy studies with industry and governments. He has served as senior advisor to Secretary Wynne as both Secretary of the US Air Force, and while head and deputy of AT and L. He serves as senior advisor to the USMC Aviation Command as well. Currently, he is working with the Chief of Staff of the USCG on a variety of strategic issues. He has served as a senior consultant to the US Coast Guard, USMC, USN, and US Air Force as well.

Work recently completed includes the Three Dimensional Warrior an analysis of USMC con-ops and the evolving role of the Osprey and the F-35B, maritime security, Asian maritime developments, the future of the NASA exploration architecture, reframing the role of manned combat aircraft, the future of the UAV industry, the evolution of defense policies in Australia, France, and the United Kingdom, the co-opetition challenge in the European and American defense industries, reshaping US-European defense collaboration, the shift from transformation to leveraged modernization in US procurement policies and the role of commercial technologies in the Deepwater program, the “forcing function of 5th generation aircraft, military space reform, the impact of UAVs and 5th generation aircraft on military space functions and the debate about the future of lead systems integrators. Recent op eds have appeared in Defense News on various issues, including USAF developments, space policy changes, JSF and the USCG’’s strategic futures. A number of op-eds have been published in Space News as well regarding civilian and military space strategic issues.

He writes regularly on logistics and sustainment issues with Military Logistics International based in London as well as serving on the editorial board for the sister publication of MLI in France. He is a senior editor of the website Second Line of Defense found at which is frequently quoted and cited in the press, e.g. on the current Gulf Oil crisis by the Washington Post

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