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  • Land of Hope on April 24, 2013

    This is the story of a Chinese woman pursuing her continuing education by emigrating to England and working for a PhD there. She eventually gets her degree and takes a job as a police interpreter. This job takes her to all kinds of places and situations, many of them quite stressful and heartbreaking at the same time. She is married and the stress of her job comes between her and her husband. Various other story lines involve body trafficking, sexual exploitation, money laundering. Many people emigrate from China hoping for a better life. China has been a poor country for so long, people go elsewhere such as England to make money to send back to help support their families still in China. The characters are well drawn with good dynamics between the main characters. The story is tightly plotted and keeps your attention throughout. Every piece of the story is there for a reason. I have thoroughly enjoyed this story and recommend it to any and all.
  • Down at the End of the River on Jan. 02, 2014

    Short stories that seemed to have a few different styles, but nonetheless thought-provoking. From a criminal trying to go straight, to a man on a streetcar and at work not quite knowing how to feel, to a couple trying to mesh two different beliefs, to a man now being able to focus on his life. These and a few more are thoughts and ideas that get you to think about various episodes in life and where do I go from here. The styles are quite varied, with some grabbing you more than others. All of them interesting. The characters are good for short stories. Some stories seem to have a plot while others are just there. All in all, a good collection. I received this free through Library Thing giveaways for an honest review.
  • A Warrior's Redemption on Jan. 09, 2014

    The characters in this story are so real and well developed and the story line is well put together and very smart with battle tactics and such. There were several places in this story that touched my heart in a way that I really needed. A story is good if it can touch your heart and emotions and this one did just that. I highly recommend this to anyone from high school on up, because of violence in the battles fought. Five star plus!!!