S. E. Mann


S.E. Mann lives and breathes in Tokyo, Japan. There, he masquerades as an actor, director, writer, and sometimes teacher, all of which he loves doing but with as little effort as possible.

Mr. Mann is currently finishing-up an independent feature film on which he has spent countless hours, days, months, and years 'finishing-up.' He spends much of the rest of his time riding his motorcycle, hiking in the Japanese mountains, drinking enormous amounts of green tea, and working in media.

Hoping to someday reach the level of being relentlessly pursued by a stalwart investigator obsessed with his capture, Mr. Mann is currently content with simply being hounded by a local chapter of the Ladies Flower Arrangement Society.

A graduate of a large, well known, very liberal ivy-covered northeastern American university in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, S. E. Mann has voted Democrat and Republican in the past and hopes someday to run for public office himself.

A lover of language great and small, he subscribes to the styles of Buckley over O'Reilly, Paar over Maher, and, 'round midnight, Carson over anyone.

Saddened but not discouraged by the steep decline in quality and message from Hollywood, Mr. Mann hopes to add his voice to a resurgence in the industry for the kind of films, the great movies that Americans were known for around the world.

S. E. Mann is not his real name. Previously you could find him on Facebook, but the powers that be decided to delete his account. Politics? Bad review? Who knows? But for the meantime, you can always reach the author at schizoidman(at)gmail.com


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