Edward Collins

Smashwords book reviews by Edward Collins

  • The Goblin Trilogy: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series on May 07, 2020

    Great story! I have just finished the trilogy and enjoyed every moment, I always suspected there were Goblins about.
  • Spinward Fringe Broadcast 4: Frontline on June 13, 2020
    (no rating)
    Good story! Some slight spelling problems and I had some problem with the sentence structure in part but , then again, I am from Downunder.
  • Adventures of Tibby: Nature’s Awesome Extraterrestrial Guardian on Oct. 16, 2020

    Lovely little tale! The more I read the more I enjoyed the story, for some reason it just made me feel peaceful.
  • A Summer in Amber on Jan. 17, 2021

    A nicely paced read although a little repetitious with regards the fishing/cycling. I found myself drifting into the story and forgetting lunch! The romance was handled well, without it being included in the "Erotic" section of this site.
  • The Bright Black Sea on Feb. 04, 2021

    Read both books in the series. Both were great reads & entertained me for hours.
  • The Assassins' Guild of Obseen: Vision of a Torn Land on Feb. 24, 2021

    Just getting by the spelling / tense problems was a chore. Could have been such a good book based on its original premise.
  • Crimson Sun on March 08, 2021

    Great read! I enjoyed all the characters, obviously given a lot of thought regarding their skill-sets and characters. Bring on more !!
  • Fear of the Father on May 28, 2021

    Terrific story, just the right amount of humour/innuendo and violence. David R lewis has got this genre and characters spot on.
  • Endurance: The Complete Series on Oct. 07, 2021

    What a great read! More please… Terrific plot expertly constructed and the characters were just like everyone, flawed but doing their best.
  • Motherload on Jan. 24, 2022

    Great story, characters well developed and believable.
  • Street Candles on Jan. 24, 2022

    Lost for words! Probably one of the best sci-fi books I’ve ever read. You almost live EJOQ’s experiences all written with wit, humour and an understanding of the inner man. Encore, Encore, David
  • Risk Analysis on Jan. 28, 2022

    Ejoq rides again! What a great read, I truly enjoy his exploits(?) and he is such a believable character. He exhibits character flaws that I recognise within myself e.g. Low tolerance for management and having his ego stroked. I look forward to more.
  • All He Surveys: Volume 01 on Nov. 18, 2022

    Right up there with the other books featuring Ejoq! Great read, well structured and paced. The story just sucks you in, I couldn’t put it down but someone had to cook the enchiladas.
  • Everybody Pays on Nov. 17, 2023

    Just finished binge reading the whole series....GREAT
  • The Man Who Crossed Worlds (Miles Franco #1) on May 12, 2024

    Just finished "binge reading" all 3 of the Miles Franco novels, what can I say.... Great reads. Keep up the good work Chris I eagerly await more of your work.