Steven McDonnough


Steven McDonnough
Managing Director & Chief Financial Strategist - Wyndham Financial Services

Steven has expertise in financial planning for individuals and businesses in all stages of their financial life cycle. Formally educated at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), earning a BS in Finance and a Certificate in Financial Planning, Steven has the skills required to oversee the various components of his client’s on-going financial and/or business planning processes. As a financial services professional since 2004, to date he has gained valuable experience in banking, investments, and insurance services. As it relates to his business management expertise, he has helped clients lay the foundation to their businesses in the areas of pre-planning and start up, growth and expansion, and succession planning and exit strategies. An advocate for success, Steven orchestrates financial strategies for his clients to achieve their desired goals and objectives. He authored the "Managing the Multiple Yous" eBook as he noticed current and perspective clients could benefit from an all-encompassing guide to manage all of the financial aspects in their life.

McDonnough is the Founder and President of YoungProGlobal - an international professional networking organization that focuses on professional and philanthropic development, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and he volunteers frequently with a number of non-profit organizations.

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