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Smashwords book reviews by smd66

  • Underground on July 17, 2010

    What a roller coast ride! Nicole has written an amazing adventure in addition to a hot love story. You get 2 stories for the price of one. Alex's past comes back to haunt him. It puts the love of his life, Kayla, in danger. I love how they reconnect and allow their love to deepen while secluded in the underground bunker. Hot, steamy romance stories are good, but when set with an action packed plot, it brings it to a whole new level. If you are looking for a story that you just can't put down, give this one a try. I'm sure even if you start with the sample, I'll bet you will buy it before you get 25% of the way through. I can't wait to read more from this author.
  • What's Left Unsaid on June 16, 2012

    It's always a real treat to find a book that I just can't seem to put down. This was one of them. I enjoyed Nicole's first book, Underground, so it was no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. Nicole is not just a writer, she is a master storyteller and an amazing artist with words. She created loveable characters, except the ex-husband who I'm sure everyone will want to kick in the groin. The story had the right amount of humor, romance, and angst, and the pacing was perfect. I also love hearing a story from both the viewpoints of the 2 lead characters. It seems to give even more depth to the story. I absolutely loved this book. I hope to see more from Nicole. If you are looking for a great romance story, I highly recommend this one.