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  • Reign Fall (Demon Princess #3) on Feb. 16, 2012

    Michelle Rowen’s Reign Fall is the third book in her light hearted fantasy YA series that centers around a sixteen year old girl who just found out she is a half demon princess. It has a soap opera feel to it that is cute and engaging as you follow Nikki from one adventure to another. A normal sixteen year old, Nikki balances high school and learning about her demon heritage with plenty of humor and snark. The story line is steady with witty dialogue and personable characters though certain scenes dragged while others seemed rushed. Ms. Rowen does a nice job of bringing you up to speed from Reign Check to here in the first few chapters. While there is a fourth and final book that will wrap this whole series up, I enjoyed that this book is as viable as the last two. Often a four series trilogy or would you call this a quad-ilogy? Hmmm? Anyway, there will usually be one book that is nothing more then a filler. We don’t get that in here. Ms. Rowen moves through this story with purpose as she begins to wrap up loose ends and answer important questions to prepare us for the end. I did hope to see Nikki mature more then she did. She acted much younger at times. I also didn’t like what she did to Michael. I realize this series actually takes place in a relatively short time but Nikki’s avoidance of conflict continues to annoy at times. Her scene with Michael left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t want to expand upon it for fear of spoiling but honestly, I wanted to smack her for that. The ending is solid, wrapping up the main conflict nicely while leaving us with some raised eyebrows as new sub plots are opened and previously marked upon avenues are expanded upon. I look forward to book four and seeing how Ms. Rowen wraps this up.