Smashwords book reviews by smjwilliams

  • Thankful for You on Jan. 01, 2022

    Brothers who can't seem to have a lasting relationship with anyone else because they love and are in love with one another. Dane and Drew, knew taking the risk could have it's own problems. Yet they were willing to risk it all for happiness. An enjoyable, quick read. Fluffy twincest from the mind of Jayda. I'm glad she went in all in and hope to see more in the very near future.
  • Springtime Showers on April 23, 2022

    Raining Men Alever escapes to the human realm to visit his best friend, Gavin. What he ends up finding is his spark, and he's a dragon. Known for being territorial, he runs. Unable to leave his other mates behind in the fae realm. As it turns out, fate may have other ideas for this foursome. Completing their bond is just the beginning of what's to come. An Imp's Spring Break Fantasy Our resident Imp, Zin, is on vacation and the desire to find his mate hasn't waned at all. What was supposed to be an escape from all the recently fated mates, is anything but. One hot and steamy dream after another, could he finally be one step closer to finding the man who plagues his thoughts at every turn? Yes, I'm rooting for these to be full length novels. We got just a taste of what could possibly be in these short but smoking stories.