Suzanne Pederson


I create characters that I want to know in real life. I absorb their personalities and when their story is finished I walk out of their lives with a piece of them still living inside me. My life has been enriched by the fictional characters I've known.

I have been writing fiction and romance novels since the early 80s. I enjoy getting to know the characters that travel through me. It's kind of funny, but I learn a lot about life from my characters.

I like to write stories about people falling in love, and often write stories involving married couples whose love is tested. I get inspired by my own characters when they survive difficult circumstances and fall back in love. It reminds me that love is fragile but also resilient. Most surprising is how strong love can feel after its most challenging moments.

My stories often include a military or legal theme because I'm a military veteran (and also a military brat, and wife) plus, I have a law degree.

I've been fortunate enough to live in England and Germany, and eight different American states. I've also had a varied professional career working in the medical field, the legal field, education... and years ago, I was a waitress.... so I have a lot of life experience that falls into my writing.

My husband and I have three children and a growing number of grandchildren which keeps us pretty busy. When I have down time I like to garden, swim, ski, and run. I also enjoy family time, dancing and making wine with my husband, hanging with my children, and playing with my grandchildren.


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