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My aunt’s grandfather called Jefferson Davis—cousin. Jefferson Davis wanted to go into politics and could not let any voter know that he was once married to an Indian girl. That Indian girl died giving birth to Jefferson's baby boy. The boy lived, grew up, married an Indian girl and they had a baby. Unfortunately, they both died before their baby could talk. Jefferson Davis could not take this girl into his house where visitors could learn that the Indian girl was his granddaughter, so he gave the girl to my aunt’s grandfather to raise. John Riley Davis raised Jefferson Davis’ granddaughter, a half-breed named Novella.

I grew up, went into education, and retired with her stories in my head. I had time on my hands after retirement and I began doing research to learn if those stories were true. I did find support for everything she said. While doing research for "Lincoln's Family" and "They wanted Lincoln Dead"—I learned about Izola. Her story was so interesting and compelling that I wrote Izola.

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How Booth got involved in Lincoln's assassination
Booth was talked into killing Lincoln hours before the assassination. this short video tells of the progression from kidnapping to murder.

Nancy Lincoln's affair
Nancy married a no good drunk named Thomas Lincoln. She was always sorry she married him. Nancy met and fell in love with a man named Samuel Davis. They had a child together and he was named Abraham Lincoln.


Izola Martha Mills
Price: $5.00 USD. Words: 14,850. Language: English. Published: August 6, 2020. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Biography
This is the story of an orphan girl that fought to survive. When she grew up, she married a matinee idol. As her hardships in life were ending, they began again when he assassinated Lincoln.
Jefferson Davis's Brother: Abraham Lincoln
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Thomas Lincoln abused his wife. When Thomas was away, Nancy met Samuel Davis. Samuel Davis ‘s wife was pregnant with Jefferson Davis, their tenth child. Jane was always tired and never left the bedroom. Her continual absence was a strain on their marriage. Samuel Davis met Nancy Lincoln at a horse auction in Elizabethtown. They fell in love and had a baby named Abraham Lincoln.
They Wanted Lincoln Dead
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To maintain their grip on the nation, Republicans couldn’t allow Lincoln to welcome the Confederate states back into the Union with their voting rights intact. The Republicans had Lincoln killed so they could keep control over this large voting bloc. The Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, was the mastermind behind Lincoln’s assassination.
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The incredible true story of the woman that desired to be the one and only love interest of her unfaithful lover - John Wilkes Booth.