Lidia Adaman-Tremblay


I am a mother and grandmother, but above all, I am a Priestess, serving the Gods and Goddesses as They see fit to use me. Sometimes that may be in the capacity of a Wedding Officiant, sometimes as a High Priestess leading a ritual, or perhaps as a workshop leader at a pagan festival. But most of the time, it’s as a Crone alone lighting a Healing Candle, meditating, in the silence of the pre-dawn hour.

I have been a costume designer and have worked in film, television and theatre industry. Music has been a strong influence in my life having studied piano since a very young age. Creativity and imagination have guided me in many different ways. And through it all, there was my writing - journals, reports, stories, poetry - filling my days.

In October 2012, I have self-published a book, Points of the Pentagram, which is available directly from me. Please check my web-site for further details.

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