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  • White Ivory on April 23, 2011
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    Reading this book was like going back in time to when African adventure stories made up so much of what I read. There was no hunting or much about the wild animals and the sights that Africa is so famous for. But those are not the things I bought this book for. This is the story of how a good man helps beautiful women realize their greatest sexual potential. And it is a good and informative story through the pages. It is all fantasy of course, but it is a good, very readable one. I actually enjoyed reading this story and enjoyed the character development too. I hope there is more to come. Young Caroline still has much to learn and enjoy. T
  • Sharon the Dog Slut Series on Oct. 19, 2014

    It is always a great pleasure to read about a young female being brought to a realization and recognition of how much a good and active use of her body and talents can bring her to a fulfilling and successful and rewarding life. This is certainly true of this story that Samantha has crafted for her readers here with he stories about one such lady and her dog slut training. And I certainly hope she will complete the series as I look forward to the continuing dog filled adventures of Sandra and read also, about the new adventures with dogs of her daughter Jane.
  • The Canine Cumslut Collection (Six Story Bestiality Animal Sex Erotica Bundle) on Oct. 19, 2014

    Ms. Saint-Luc certainly has captured the adventures that a young lady can have and seems entitled to experience with the entertaining services of a canine pet. The stories are each refreshing and invigorating and written with a knowledge and authority that has to come from personal experience. What fun! May there be many more such gems written by this fine author of young ladies learning of life and pleasure possible only with the true love of a male canine.
  • Men Are Chattel on Dec. 22, 2014

    I would be happy to write a review. But, there is more I would like to say to the author. Please write to:
  • One Night in Bangkok - The Youth Pastor, the Great Dane and the Young Baptist Sluts! Taboo Canine Erotica and Dubious consent! on Jan. 18, 2015

    I am reading another of the many Miranda Push stories, this time traveling to Bangkok for some fabulous cultural fun and adventures with some young American ladies learning more about the world. This is a very new series, I believe, that I look forward to more of. Young Americans getting out in the world to broaden their experiences that they can learn and find useful when they return home needs t encouraged. The author even says as much as she has one of the characters realize that is she had know, she could have had the enjoy of her pets at home for a good while. Reading about such explorations continues to be good, 'clean' and arousing fun. Ms.Push has yet to disappoint!