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  • ChironTraining Volume 1: 2005 on April 06, 2011

    For about three years I've tried to find resources to help me in my job. A few months back I discovered an author that not only had a similar background and worked in a similar environment, but one that was able to put down on paper his succinct thoughts about his experiences, his methodology in dealing with difficult individuals and situations, and some very spot-on details about how he views his world. Reading Rory Miller's e-books (Chiron Training) is like running into an old friend - it's great to see him, you don't want to stop talking with him even though it's time to get home, and you can't wait to see him again. Rory puts it out there with authority, and you can instantly relate, especially if you're on the job. I highly recommend these e-books!
  • Talking Them Through: Crisis Communications with the Emotionally Disturbed and Mentally Ill on Jan. 30, 2012

    Disclaimer: I read a blurb about this book a year or more ago in another of Rory's e-book's, and wrote to ask if he had finished or published it. Through a few e-mails I'd expressed an interest in seeing it in print, as it sounded like a tool that I could use in my work. Apparently Rory felt pressured to publish it because of those few e-mails, but I really only asked him once or twice... thanks Rory! This e-book is an education in dealing with several classes of people, that at times present with some unusual behavior. If you work in a Health Care environment, like I do, and have a duty to interact with these people, this book will open up some new insights into what you may have been dealing with or what you can expect to deal with. In short, Rory gives you some tools that should help you recognize the various classes, and some tools and advice on how to interact with more successes than failures when doing so. Rory has a degree in Psychology, military experience, a whole lot of MA background, and a bunch of time in a prison setting working with these individuals. Not to short-change the man. Rory has as complete a toolbox as I've seen, a way with words and educating that keeps my bank account in the red, and seems to deal with the unusual in a very unique and effective way. I'll give you a quick example, one that I'd recalled reading a few times previously, and one that caused me a large AH-HA moment. In his 'story' Rory talks about one of these people being in a very bad way - angry, combative, and causing a disturbance in his 'room.' To Rory's way of thinking, and I love this, "He's not hurting himself or anyone else. I don't NEED to go in there to deal with it at the moment." Rory sat outside of the room, until the guy cooled off a bit, and then used an unorthodox method of communicating with this individual. His method not only worked, but worked so well that it was de-escalated with no injuries, and no loss of face for either side. And both parts are important. Too many times we are asked to deal with the unruly, using force rather than communication and understanding. I work hard at learning more about my job, and Rory is a valuable resource that I count on. When I found his work a few years ago, I began to read, and understand how much I had no clue about. While we share similar jobs/situations (at least when he was still with Corrections), I am so out of my element that it's scary, and he is so in the zone that it boggles my mind. This book is specifically related to dealing with Emotionally Disturbed Persons and the Mentally Ill. Rory can give you some very unique insight that will absolutely help you wade through these murky waters. It's going to take a few reads to get ALL of it, and it's not complete, even by his own admission, BUT, there's nothing else like it out there (I've looked) and certainly noone as qualified to write it as Rory A. Miller. If you've read any of Rory's Chiron Training e-books, and you liked his cut on things, this book is no different. His style comes through loud and clear, and the information is top-notch. If you deal with this stuff, get this book - you won't find anything close to it from his perspective and with his expertise. If you want to get better at it, buy this book. If you think you know it all, buy this book and find out otherwise. It's that good.
  • ChironTraining Volume 6: 2010 on May 31, 2013

    Rory Miller has released his 'next' volume of his famous Chiron Series as an e-book through a few different outlets. Titled Chiron Vol.6 , 2010, it's affordable at $2.99 through smashwords.com where you can buy it in several formats! I think this series was my first introduction to who Rory is - and I haven't looked back. I have enjoyed each and every e-book, and can only compare them to the joy I get out of reading my Bathroom Reader's - able to read short bits when time permits, and always something new to learn! If you aren't familiar with Rory, but want to learn from an expert on violence - about violence - pickup any of the Chiron series or go read his blog: http://chirontraining.com/Site/Home.html Rory is a deep thinker, so be prepared to get a real education on something you think you might be familiar with, then learn why you really aren't that familiar with it at all! If you deal with violence, you owe it to yourself to get educated - how to spot it, how to avoid it, how to deal with it. Even LEO can learn something here from an 'operator.' Don't kid yourself that your training was enough exposure, trust me on this, it wasn't. Think you know how to deal with violence when you encounter it on the job? Try doing it without backup, or all those belt tools, then come talk to me about it - let me know how that worked out for you. Let's face it, if you're relying on your academy training, your tools, and your backup, you're not ready to deal with violence the way Rory can show you to. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=494876030586294&id=110110805709221¬if_t=like
  • Violence: A Writer's Guide Second Edition on May 31, 2013

    Here's my review from Amazon.com, but I'd like to add a few comments: "If you think you know what 'violence' looks like, you probably don't. If you think what you see on T.V. shows or in movies is a close representation, you're dead wrong. If you think what you read in novels is closer - it's not. If you want to stay safe in this world, you first need to look at violence through a new set of eyes, take off the filters, and open up your mind. Trust me, it's a whole paradigm shift. To get you familiar with violence I want you to consider buying this updated book from Rory Miller. It's called VIOLENCE: A Writer's Guide, and in it you will learn more about the realities of violence than you likely know now, or have even considered. Because it's getting to be a more violent world, I think you owe it to yourself to come out of your comfort zone of denial, and have a good read - it will prepare you in some ways to at least understand what you may be experiencing when it does happen, or at the very least recognize it BEFORE it does. Rory has an amazing set of credentials that allows him to be an expert in this area - trust me on this. His writing style is very easy to get lost in - and isn't that fun losing hours reading before you even realize it? If this whets your appetite, be sure to check out his other tomes as well... Mediations on Violence and Facing Violence." So, here goes: This book needs to be re-titled. Yes, that's what I think, and here's why - Rory is going to miss a great market with this title. For the record, I am NOT a Writer. Here's the scenario: in trying to gain Rory some new reader's, i've had to explain WHY they too should read this book. "Well, I don't write, so why would I want to read this book?" Yeah, it's like that.... sigh. Okay, so the short and skinny is, it's not really JUST for writer's although that may have been a partial intent on Rory's part or his publisher's. Who can benefit from reading this book then, if not writer's? How about your mom, your dad, your brother and sister, your kids, their kids, your grandkids? Your friends, their friends, your BOSS! Yes, your boss, and his boss, and his boss, AND the CEO. In my job, these are all 'targets' that I'd love to have read this book in particular. Let's be clear - violence is all around us, but until you've actually experienced it, you won't likely really know what it is, what it looks like, what it feels like. You may kid yourself that you know it, but you don't. Really. You don't. The problem is that you don't even KNOW that you don't know. Really. This book, IMO, pulls back the curtain of denial that we've all likely grown up with, and exposes the cold, ugly truths that we've denied for many years, or decades. Do yourself a real favor - buy this book, in ANY format. Then read it cover to cover. Discuss it with anyone that IS familiar with violence. Then re-read it. Go back and ask questions. Indoctrinate yourself in this cld ugly truth - you've been living a very sheltered existence - in denial - for many, many, too many years. If you find that you want more information, buy anything else by Rory. It's in there, and you'll be all the better for it.