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Smashwords book reviews by H. D. Gilbert

  • The Gabriel Memos on Sep. 30, 2014

    “The Gabriel Memos” by Betty J. Gravlin is a collection letters, memos and written instructions meant for Angels – yet speak straight to the Human heart. While Fictional in Nature, there is much wisdom and truth hidden in these letters, not to mention thought provoking advice based on Angelic Lore and Bible Verses. Imagine Heaven as an organization. Angelic Lore already tells us that there are levels of Angels and each Heavenly being holds a different job. In this delightful and faithful scenario, Gabriel, as the Director of the Department of Guardian Angels is charged with training these most important of the Angel Choirs; those that have the direct relationship with Humans. From conception to death and beyond, he orchestrates and guides those with the duty to Guard us. The devil makes things hard and lays traps along the way, moments that will derail the fallible human heart and challenge even the most astute of Angelic servants. Betty Gravlin has combined a concept we can all embrace and understand with humorous stanzas and deep Theological principles. A wonderful read that will entertain and comfort.
  • Sunrise Ridge on May 25, 2015

    In Shirley Davies’s third installment in her ‘Redemption Mountain Series’ just might be my favorite of the lot. “Sunrise Ridge” brings the local blacksmith, Noah Brandt, to the fore. We saw him in the previous novels as a background character – and intriguing one, now we learn his story. Though fiction, Davies’s has a way of creating a realistic landscape speckled with moments that reflect honest emotion and the conflict that can arise in day to day life, as well as the more complicated situations that make for a great novel. Noah has always had a thing for Abigail Tolbert, daughter of a well to do local cattle family, feelings that Abigail has long returned. When Noah fails to take action or make his own affections known, Abigail takes matters into her own hands when they meet at a wedding. Unfortunately, her father sees the event and considering the time – promptly intervenes and sends Abigail far away to protect her. This sets up a hard beginning to the kind of romance that will charm you.