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I wrote my first story when I was nine years old. My mother laughed herself silly over it, and my father told me to become a doctor. I've been writing ever since. My novel, Seal Woman, grew out of my love of myths, herbal medicine, art, as well as my concern with the horrors we inflicted on one another during World War II. I teach creative workshops, with a special concern for encouraging women in shelters and prisons to discover their own creativity.

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  • Swimming Up the Sun: A Memoir of Adoption on June 20, 2011

    Nicole Burton's book is a page turner. She captures every angle of dramatic tension between the many characters who have an emotional stake in this adoption story. Stunning is the author's ability to alternate between the intensity of her own quest and the fear/love with which her biological mother faces the reality of allowing her grown daughter into her life. In her search, the adoptee discovers love but also conflict. The author holds nothing back in her exploration of human emotions.