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  • Resurrection, a YA Paranormal Romance (The Guardians of Vesturon Series, Book 2) on July 29, 2012

    "WARNING... This review is a spoiler if you haven't read the first book in the series, Survival, check out my review of it here ...WARNING" This is the second book in the series, Guradians of Vesturon. I have reviewed the first book in the series. This book was quite different from the first one, and I liked it much more. That's why it received an additional chocolate cupcake from me! This book picks up at th exact cilffhanger where the first book left off. Maddie is rescued by Rayn's brothers. When Maddie heals completely from the injures, the trial starts, the odds are all in Rayn's favor since Maddie has some information that will save him, and her. After succedding in the trial, they decide to get married soon, but Maddie has a low self confidence now, she feels like she is not good enough for Rayn. She is just a normal human with some Vesturon blood, she feels like she can never be a Vesturon. That's why she delays the marriage, and Rayn goes back to Earth to continue his work as a Guradian. While Rayn is away, Maddie enroles in the Gurdian academy, she shows great strength and wit, but somethings happen that Maddie doens't want her protective mate to know about. But secrets can't be kept forever, right? This time Maddie has truly broken Rayn's heart, he has had enough! Maddie keeps to herself and stays away, but news arrive that Rayn is captured by some creatures on a planet far away. Will Maddie find a way to recue Rayn? Will he forgive her for hiding secrets from him? And will they overcome the obstacles and finally get married? Find out when you read the second book in the series, Resurrection... I liked this book much more than I liked the first book, Survival. This book had more twists and turns that kept you glued to the story. I liked Maddie more in this book, she is becoming stronger, more mature, and less selfish. Although she still babbles way too much, but I like her now! I absolutely love Rayn's brothers and sister, Raykerian is so funny, and enthusiastic. Therron is protective and air-headed. Sharra is a constant babbler, and a great friend. This book still had some aspects that I didn't like. Sometimes, i just got bored and decided to pass some pages without reading them. I rarely do that when I read books! I didn't like this book very much, but the author definitely has a good story to tell. I respect her hard work on the book, although it wasn't mine but still it might be your cup of tea! You will never know if you don't try reading it.