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  • Paradox - The Angels Are Here (Book 1) on June 23, 2011

    This is a story that, if you have suffer the lost of a dear one, you will relate with Grace, a little girl, the main character, when she has to deal with a great loss. And maybe, just maybe, you will relate with her in this: she has an imaginary friend, Hope, a little girl like her that accompanies Grace so she won't feel alone, so she won't feel misfit. But, what happens is this Hope, this imaginary girl is nothing but an angel? Well, good question. Because she is, she is an angel sent to protect Grace from a great danger. There is a war that has been happening for a long, long time, a war that has nothing to do with Grace... or so it seems. But I liked this book a lot, and not only because of the angels, I liked it because we can see how a little girl that believes in birthday wishes has to grow up too soon. And not only because she needs to, but because of her mother... because now, her mother needs her. And, somehow, she is never alone. Maybe because of an imaginary friend, maybe because she meets a new girl that doesn't mind being her friend, maybe because... well, maybe because we have angels everywhere that take care of us, even if we don't notice it. Now, the War. This war is between the the fallen House of the Grigorians and the House of the Bulguardians, in the ancient city of Altair, in Aquila Constellation. Here, while the War is being fought, we are introduce to Abaddon, a handsome man with yellowish eyes like the cats and a very cruel soul... like all the Grigorians in his family. We meet also Siena, his cousin and Theria, his sister. This character, Theria, is one of my favorites, and not because of her good heart but because she is nothing but cruel and mean. Somehow, I didn't expect that from her (Theria's introduction was very normal and even cute) and I would love to see her develop a lot more in the next book. There's only one thing that I missed: I needed a better ending, an ending that would make me anxious to read the next book. Don't get me wrong, I want to read the next one but I'm not hyperventilating. And, to be honest, Patti's writing was so good I felt like crying a lot of times (I was in the train of mi city and it was so hard not to cry!) while I was reading her book and that was because I could "feel" everything that Grace was going through. I honestly couldn't stop reading and finished the book in less than 3 hours because I wanted to know what was going to happen next in her live. I had a really good time reading "Paradox" so why don't you give it a try?
  • Illicit Magic (Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series) on June 28, 2011

    Right now, if I could, I'd love to read the second part of this series just because I really want to know what happens next to Stella. But first thing first, you need to know what I'm taking about, right? Illicit Magic is the first book of this series and introduce us to Stella, a simple girl with a simple boring life, and not because she wants a boring life but because everybody is scared of her so they keep their distance. Why? Well, as you can guess from the title of the book there's something special about Stella: she can use magic. But since she doesn't know what's "wrong" with her all type of weird things and calamities happen around her. So she is always alone and kind of used to it. That is of course until a series of horrible murders happened in England and her live turns upside down as she turns out to be the next target... Stella is a strong girl, she has learnt to take care of herself and, despite the fact that she never had a friend is a very nice and easygoing person. In this book we can see a "love triangle" between Marc - a warlock that for some reason can't use magic-, Stella and Evan -Stella's teacher- that is a very handsome man that hides a secret and that seems to dislike her a lot. At least in the beginning, that's it. Camilla's writing was very good, I could always picture the people, the scenes and the fights and for that I'm really happy. The variety of characters and their personalities was really... how can I describe it? Entertaining I think is the right word. I personally enjoyed this book a lot, I can't wait to read the next one!
  • Vampyre Kisses (book 1 in the Last Witch Series) on July 07, 2011

    It's been a while for me since my last book about witches and, so far, I think this is one of the bests. At the beginning of the story we have Faith, an average girl that was actually, quite bored of her life. A while ago she had lost her dad and, for some reason her mother seems to dislike her a lot (such a mother material here...). On top of that her job as a secretary is rather boring and the only light in her life is Mac, her best friend and old lover. Soon al of this is about to change as she becomes friends with Trent (may I say, I like his name a lot. Don't ask me why, I just do xD), a caring and protective vampire that is supposed to stay away from her. But he can't, obviously because there is something different about Faith... she has the "vampyre kiss". Hum? You want to know what is it? Then read the book xD No, really, read it. Elizabeth created a really good story, strong characters and wonderful creatures, like Oran. I think he is the pet every person would love to have... I'm a huge fan of cats, you see, and Oran is a volucris, a creature that in it's small size looks like a kitty with tiny wings that he hides in his fur and, in his real form he looks more like a leopard with huge Pegasus wings. Who wouldn't want a pet/friend like that?! Of course we also have the "love triangle" between Faith, Trent and Zou Tai, a werewolf prince and almost Faith's killer. Think of Trent as a serious, handsome, caring and strong protector (although he can make good jokes) and then Zou Tai -his family originates from Thailand- who is more like a funny, hot and sweet friend. I can't choose a team, they are both great in their own way. I like vampires, I like werewolves and I like witches a lot and this book mixes all of them in a pleasant way. Think of it, if you discover you are the last witch and your new best friends are all from the supernatural world, wouldn't you be happy? Plus, there is a war coming and Faith is the only one that can save them all. And by "all" I mean all the vampires and werewolves out there. And I'm heading off to read the second part! Yay! :D
  • Werewolf Descent (book 2 in the Last Witch Series) on July 17, 2011

    This is a BRILLIANT book! No kidding, is entertaining, funny, interesting and full of things I didn't know about, like alchemist stuff. Yes, alchemist, that's right. So, if in "Vampyre Kisses" we had gods, a volucris (I want one too!), hunters, slayers, a guardian, vampires, werewolves and the last witch in this one we need to add a psychic vampire (there's only one each generation), an alchemist and a inquisitor. In conclusion: so much fun! But yeah, let me explain a little bit of the book: After the last battle in "Vampyre Kisses" Faith and Trent decide to move in together so they rent a new place outside New York. What they want? Peace and quiet. What they get? Crazy people everywhere. There's a new vampire coming to town, a really special one that doesn't feed on blood but on energy. And he wants Faith's energy. But he wants her heart too (in a romantic way, don't get me wrong). His name is Vincent and for some reason he needs to be with Faith. But he arrives in the middle of a crisis: werewolves are been kidnapped and nobody knows why. Zou Tai, the werewolf prince, goes to Morgan to ask for help and of course Faith gets involved too. In this book we won't find a love triangle, we are going to find a square. Yep. Faith is just so special that Trent (her vampire boyfriend) is going to compite against Zou Tai (werewolf prince and a very hot guy) and Vincent (psychic vampire with an energy that makes Faith melt). Even Daeka, the werewolf god, likes her a little bit but in a playful way. But you see, there's this alchemist that wants to ruin everything. I can't tell you what he wants because is one of the most interesting things in the book but I can encourage you to read both of them :D The next book is coming out next year and believe me, I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Coexist: Keegan's Chronicles on July 21, 2011

    My time with this book was fluent, since is not too long I only needed a couple of hours to finish it and right now I'm not sure of how I feel. But let me explain. Yes, the book was super good. Julia's writing is very smooth and she pictures the mind of a teenager really well, specially an elf teenager. But in fact all that Keegan wants is to be normal and to enjoy her live before she meets her chosen one. When that happens she knows everything is going to be perfect with him but until then, why not enjoy her life? But as normal as she wants to be she doesn't know that her friends are nothing but normal themselves... Nevertheless, there's a war coming and her family plays a very important role: Her father, Richard, is the one that will guide the elves of light to battle. Her mother is a healer and her little brother, Thaddeus, is a seer, but not a normal seer: he is the one that will stop the war between light elves and dark elves. But he is only twelve and although he's strong and very mature for his age he is still not sure of how is he going to stop everything... And what is worst, in a vision he saw his own sister dead during the war... So he decides to tell her the name of her chosen one so she will think of him if she is in danger. Rourk, her chosen, oblivious to all this is draged to her every time she thinks of him. The poor guy doesn't stand a chance, we girls if we are in love are used to think of our love every spare moment we have, right? So it doesn't matter if he is busy doing something, he needs to go and look for her. The characters are really cool. Keegan is beautiful but still a nice and sweet girl. Rourk is the type of guy that I would love to have for myself, confident, strong, protective and caring... sigh... Yes, sorry, I need to focus. And then we have Thaddeus, a kid that plays Xbox and tries to stay away from other people because of the visions he has when looking at others, sometimes I felt really sorry for him, it must be very difficult to know bad things are going to happen in your own family and not be able to tell them... And I can forget the love triangle that is not really clear until the end of the book between Keegan, Rourk and Donald, one of Keegan's friend. I really would love to see what happens in the next book. I don't mind Donald but I will be cheering for Rourk!