Lily Smith


Lily Smith was born in a small East Texas town sometime in the 1970s. She later moved to New Orleans, LA and has ever since been moved to inject cross-genre material into her erotic literature (i.e. Sci-Fi/paranormal elements). Other than writing, she enjoys everything unique to New Orleans: Mardi Gras, Beignets, Doubloons, The French Quarter, Bourbon Street, and the Mississippi River.

When I am not writing (and not in New Orleans), I love traveling Big Cities like Vegas, New York, Chicago and Houston, while taking in as much scenery as I can. Most think I am a "country" girl because of my birthplace. Nothing could be further from the truth! City girl through and through.

Favorite authors: Piers Anthony, Clive Barker, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis

My dreams: I dream of sexy androids on dark, ominous ships out in the middle of space, and worlds where nothing is taboo as long as no one is hurt. I love high tech gadgetry: teleporters, telepathy, telekinesis, plasma weapons, zero-g gravity wells and mythic fables.

Favorite films: Blade Runner, Warlords of Atlantis, Enemy Mine, The Neverending Story, Westworld, Alien 1&2, Original Star Wars (Han shot first!)

Least favorite films: Prometheus (ick!), Legend (icker), Transformers (ickest!)


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