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I'm a high school teacher in Mount Shasta, CA. I live with my husband, dog, and four cats and when it's not snowing, we all like to go hiking (except not the cats). In the summer, we swim in the lakes, and in the fall, we collect wild berries. I write fiction that pretty much always has ghosts in it.

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  • Malfunction on March 01, 2013

    A fun time-travel story with a satisfying logic. I enjoyed the future world and was particularly tickled by the description of the future soap opera. I hope Bint will take the setting he created and develop a full-length novel there.
  • Journey To Light: Part I of the High Duties of Pacia on June 25, 2013

    This first part of Craton's trilogy begins an intriguing story, with strong, multifaceted characters and a complex plot. The characters are likable and the interactions refreshing and believable. I often balk at the flaws in indie-published fiction, but Craton's writing is high-quality in terms of grammar, structure, style, spelling, etc. There are some shifts in point of view within scenes, but nothing that confused me, as well as some creative use of quotation marks, but nothing that would jar most readers in the least. I've docked a star for one reason: Craton could tighten up his writing considerably. There is a preface, a cast of characters, and a prologue. The first two could be eliminated entirely, especially since the information they contain is not only repeated but also better explained later. The prologue provides a flashback scene that I enjoyed very much, however, so I would keep it, despite my general dislike of prologues. After that, throughout the novel, Craton often uses ten words when he could use two; some descriptions are over long and some sedate scenes linger on. However, these issues are a matter of style and taste, and may not trouble some readers at all. I recommend Journey to Light to anyone who enjoys fantasy in a well-developed setting, with likable, complex characters.
  • Return of the High Protector: Part II of The High Duties of Pacia on July 03, 2013

    An excellent second part to Craton's trilogy, this novel follows the characters introduced in Journey to Light. At last, they meet, which is something I was really looking forward to. I would recommend this trilogy to anyone who enjoys fantasy with a well-developed setting and likeable, complex characters.
  • And the Young Shall Lead You Home: Part III of The High Duties of Pacia on July 15, 2013

    After the tighter pacing of the second, I was a little frustrated in the way this one slowed down again, returning to the more languid pace of the first. However, questions are answered, plots are tied up nicely, and the ending is satisfying. Craton has done a great deal of meticulous work on his world, something I always appreciate almost more than any other aspect of fantasy fiction. It really is something I seek out in fantasy novels--a well-built world. Like another reviewer mentioned, one of the things I appreciated most about this story was the way Craton handles violence, and creates good characters that confront evil without resorting to violence. It's a rare thing to see in literature (and other media) these days.