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Smashwords book reviews by Sophie Six

  • Yellow Pearl - Eighteen short stories from the Stringybark Australian History Awards on July 05, 2012

    A thoroughly enjoyable read with many different takes on history. I particularly enjoyed the hair-raising ‘Lake House’, ‘A Sensible Girl’ was wonderfully evocative of the era, and ‘Dung Ly’ which showed that a short war can be just as tragic as a longer one.
  • Behind the Wattles on Nov. 25, 2012

    A fantastic collection of short short stories from all walks of Australian life – past and present, pre-pat and ex-pat. From the familiarly evocative such as Peter Bishop’s “And things stood” and Pal Whipp’s heartrending and buoyant realism of “Redemption Bay” to the startlingly present historical voice of Graham d’Elboux ‘s “Truly”, and the poignant and whimsical concept of Harry Gorry’s “What Price Bubbles”, these stories are each unique yet all share artful plotting and wonderfully fresh, succinct descriptive writing. I particularly enjoyed the saga of Catherine Cooper’s “Roadside Tragedy”. I’d never read flash fiction before and found it an amazingly refreshing length. I’m impressed at the depth of narrative conveyable in such a short word count, J.B Rowley “A lovely cup of tea” being a particularly deadly example. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be downloading Stringybark's other flash fiction anthology next!